Top 7 Productivity Apps for the Mac

Top 7 Productivity Apps for the Mac


The ongoing advancement of tech in app development has led to a boom in the app market, leaving us with a multitude of different apps for every conceivable purpose. Since most of us use a Mac for our daily computing needs we’ve decided to have a look at the best productivity apps that streamline workflow on the Mac iOS platform.

Working on a Mac, or Apple device, has many advantages and die-hard fans wouldn’t be caught dead typing on any other machine, let alone on an Android device. However, this doesn’t change the fact that Mac could use a few improvements, that’s what we hope we have found with productivity app solutions.

Whether you are looking to get more efficiency from productivity apps on your tablet, iPhone, or laptop, these seven productivity apps will help you get more out of your device and your time. Pick the ones that suit your needs and give them a try for ten days before you decide if they are worth keeping or trashing – you might just be surprised at the results you achieve with implementing them!



There are hundreds of tasks that you can automate with TextExpander. When you begin to discover how many ways you repeatedly type commands, you will begin to see the importance of this handy tool. Use advanced features like the fill-in snippets function that you can use to create outstanding personal email templates that are ready to send in seconds.


Launchpad is an applications Launcher program that navigates your device’s folders and files quickly as well as a wide range of other quick search functions across the many different apps on your Mac. Use LaunchBar to control iTunes playback, make lightning fast calculations and search your clipboard history. Create custom workflows and install them to expand their functionality, a lot of the program’s features feel like they’ve come straight out of Spotlight, but with a lot more power and functionality.


Keyboard Maestro

Keyboard Maestro helps you launch macros on your Mac. This application can be used to automate repetitive tasks like; creating hotkey combinations, connecting to wifi networks, and opening USB drives.



This is the best task manager for Macs.  OmniFocus is suited for the most demanding task management duties. This tool has evolved to include a friendly user interface and lots of powerful features. The only drawback with OmniFocus is the fact that it has so many features, it may take a while to fully understand how to utilize them all on the platform effectively. If you get stuck at any point using the program, there are plenty of useful tutorials for you to look through.



Organize your files according to your own rules with Hazel. This automated file organizer will watch any folder you tell it to and automatically label and flag relevant files according to your preferences. You can download folders and mark folders older than ten days, so that the app notifies you when you need to take action. Hazel is a great addition to paperless workflow and has a simple setup with an easy-to-use interface.


This menu bar application opens an iOS-style interface as soon as you highlight text on Mac. It features the standard extensions of copy and paste as well as sending emails, posting tweets on your profile and a whole suite of other useful commands and extensions. PopClip is a handy clip extension that every iOS user should install.



Parallels was developed out of the need for Mac users to run windows-based applications. With Parallels, Mac iOS users can experience excel spreadsheets and word documents the same way that they would with a PC running windows. Parallels comes in home, Business and pro editions, with the software regularly updating to the latest Windows 10 features. The pro version of this tool features upgraded hardware options, networking tools, development support and cloud services.

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Wrapping Up

Using tools to increase your productivity on your Mac will allow you to do more in less time. Use these seven productivity apps to give you the edge you need to accomplish more with your work from your efforts.