Top 10 Gaming App Providers

Top 10 Gaming App Providers


Now that we’re all glued to our mobile devices, there’s no better way to kill some time than to check out the latest great gaming apps on offer.

But where to begin with such an amazing amount of games and providers available? Here are ten of the best tried-and-tested gaming app providers for some of the highly popular genres.

RTAS Games

Real time strategy games are incredibly addictive and this is exemplified in the infuriatingly great Starfront: Collision game that offers a great four-person multiplayer option courtesy of Gameloft.

Fighting Games

All of us like a little aggression, and Street Fighter Tekken Mobile courtesy of the iTunes Store is a vintage taste of those glory years of arcade fighting action.

Casino Games

The rise of online gambling is nowhere better seen that in the amazing amount of slot machine games offered courtesy of Coral that are fun, colourful and extremely playable!

Tower Defence Games

A curious new sub-genre recently emerged with the tower defence games such as those offered by Miniclip that makes the player strategically position their towers to halt the enemy’s conquest!

Racing Games

For those who like a little speed in their gaming, then check out Drift Mania: Street Outlaws courtesy of Tom’s Guide that offers a great blend of high octane thrills and subtle streetwise style.

Sports Games

Sporting games will always be big news on mobile devices, and FIFA 15 Ultimate Team was one of the biggest games yet with great graphics, online play and best of all, it’s completely free from the Amazon Appstore.

Puzzle Games

Since the days of Tetris, puzzle games have captured the public attention and the cutest puzzle game of the moment has to be Cut The Rope at the Google Play store.

Word Games

And similarly taxing for the brain are the endless range of word games such as Spell Gems courtesy of Lava Mind that are the perfect way to unwind and expand your grey matter!

RPG Games

Many people will have lost a large part of their lives to role playing games, so if you’re looking to rack up a few more hours, then check out the addictive Battle Odyssey via the Windows app store.

Shoot ’em Up Games

And finally games were surely designed for shoot-em-ups, and the best of the current crop of freebies has to be Warface from Crytek that offers all of the explosive action that you’ll ever need!


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