Top 10 Easter iPhone Apps For Kids And Adults

Top 10 Easter iPhone Apps For Kids And Adults


Easter iPhone Apps For Kids And Adults

Well well well, don’t we all have a treat in store for us today?! The chocoholics’ favourite day of the year is upon us and in honour of this religious holiday that gives the world the excuse to gorge itself stupid on gargantuan amounts of that thick, brown creamy stuff that we like to call chocolate, we have decided to give our fans a list of the 10 best iPhone apps that will best equip you and your children for Easter Sunday. Just don’t come crying to us when you find that your clothes no longer fit.

1. Angry Bunny’s Easter Egg-splosion Angry Bunny's Easter Egg-splosion! FREE -

This free Easter app is a great twist on the classic Easter game; essentially, an angry bunny has taken to the skies in a sleigh loaded with rotten eggs and it’s your job to help him drop these foul eggs for the naughty kids to find as well as dropping chocolate eggs for the well-behaved children to devour. A lot of fun for children and adults alike.

2. Easter Bunny Egg Hunt 3D Free Easter Bunny Egg Hunt 3D Free - Purple, Inc.

Another game that won’t cost you a penny is Easter Bunny Egg Hunt, a 3D iPhone and iPad timed game that lets you control a panic-stricken bunny who is trying to retrieve all of his Easter eggs that have been displaced by a small explosion. As you can only carry 10 of the 40 eggs at a time, you’ll have to make a few trips back to the collection area. Especially fun when you play against friends and family and try to beat their scores.

3. Easter Cards PHOTO2cards Easter Cards (PHOTO2cards) - Create unique greeting cards with your photos in no time - vukee

If you’re one of these people that likes to celebrate special occasions by sending cards to your relatives and acquaintances (I love being friends with those people but I’m too lazy to reciprocate!), then check out this free iPhone app that allows you to send Easter themed e-cards to anyone in your phone book, Twitter feed or Facebook friend group. You can also send cards that are related to other holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

4. Egg Dyeing 101 From Martha Stewart Living Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living - Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc

That’s right, the queen of home cooking has come up with an ingenious little iPhone app that will show you and your kids the best way to decorate Easter eggs; with a gallery of 101 eggs to draw inspiration from, you certainly won’t be bored. Embellish your designs with floral swirls, cute speckles and cheeky spots as well as learning how to make your eggs look like animals, including the Easter Bunny! All hail Martha…

5. Easter Bunny Scanner Easter Bunny Scanner - Spilling Coffee Media LLC

This is a quirky little app that will teach your children the value of being ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and the treats they will or won’t get, depending on their behaviour. You ‘scan’ your child with the iPhone and then (unbeknownst to the little ’uns), you can determine whether they are going to be a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ child, thus receiving a tasty treat or a telling off.

6. My Stuffy Bunny My Stuffy Bunny - Games on the Down Low

This one is definitely for the younger children but it’s enjoyable nonetheless; design your very own stuffed bunny giving it the makeover of its dreams! As the app is fully compatible with the iPad 3’s new enhanced retina display, the graphics are incredible and with the range of clothes, props and accessories at your disposal, you’ll be amused for hours…your kids might like it too.

7. Easter Stickers HD Easter Stickers HD - David Tillotson

Another one for the iPad, Easter Stickers HD allows your child to arrange a bunch of stickers on the screen which you can then send to a friend or family member or use as your background. It’s fairly basic but pretty useful for entertaining the youngsters.

8. Easter Match HD Easter Match HD - David Tillotson

Putting an Easter theme on the classic card-matching game, this iPad app gets kids to match Easter-related images such as chicks, eggs and bunny rabbits on a set of cards that they can flip over by touching the screen. Again, simple but effective.

9. Easter Cookies Easter Cookies - Beansprites LLC

If you’re anything like me then you’ll relish the idea of spending the whole of your Easter Sunday making pretty cookies that you can devour at the end of the day. Actually, if you’re anything like me you’ll have eaten half of the cookie dough before it goes in the oven and spend the rest of the day in a sugar-induced coma. Anyway, this app shows you loads of different ways to decorate the Easter biscuits that are on screen, which you can then use for decoration on any real cookies that actually make it into and out of the oven.

10. Easter Photo Effects Easter Photo Effects - Babcock, Ltd.

Saving my favourite for last, this app provides hours of entertainment for both kids and adults that are young at heart. Decorate and graffiti your photos and artwork with Easter-related backgrounds, funny faces and paraphernalia simply y clicking the screen and dragging the items across. It’s not the cheapest app on this list but it’s certainly the most fun.



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