The Nine Best Beauty Apps for your iPhone

The Nine Best Beauty Apps for your iPhone


The Nine Best Beauty Apps for your iPhoneMost of us don’t leave our homes nowadays without our smartphones, and for good reason – they’re extraordinarily useful devices, filled with a vast array of apps, which can help us navigate from A to B, track in real time when our sister’s plane is going to land, and even read an entire novel, whilst we’re waiting for said plane to land.  It would seem that an app has literally been created for every convenience – some of course are better than others.  Here we highlight some of the best beauty apps.

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Pretty in my Pocket

This great app offers comprehensive reviews and features, which are great to have on hand when you’re out shopping and want to find out what somebody else thinks about the product you’re considering purchasing.  It’s also interactive, allowing you to create a profile so you can easily keep track of all your beauty likes and dislikes, post reviews and have access to the latest offers.

Total Beauty

Total Beauty is already an established website, which allows consumers to post their own experiences in all beauty related areas.  It has more reviews than any of its competitors and is not affiliated with any products so the reviews are genuinely impartial.  The app is the website designed for your phone, and it’s free, which is always a bonus!

Makeup by Modiface

Ever wondered what you would look like with shorter hair, a different hair color or a completely different makeup look? Well, now you can experiment risk free with Modiface, a high quality virtual makeover app which allows you to see yourself with as many different looks as you can possibly think of. Now, before making that all-important decision at the hairdressers you can literally try before you buy!


If you fancy yourself a fashionista and think your style is one that others would like to follow then Cloth is the app for you. It allows you to take pictures of your outfits, upload them to the app and categorize them. Other users can then view them and comment on them. A perfect online diary of your style!


If you are a fan of high fashion this iPhone app is a must have. Style magazine is THE magazine of the catwalk and anyone who is anyone reads it in the fashion world. This app provides up to date fashion show clips, breaking industry news and features galore about the latest fashion tips and trends.

The Color Genius (by L’Oreal Paris)

Although designed to promote L’Oreal’s products, this app actually works really well to help prevent those dreaded nail varnish vs. makeup clashes.  All you need to do is upload an image of yourself and watch the app find the perfect nail varnish from the makeup giant’s portfolio of products. Quick, easy and surprisingly, very helpful. 

Make-Up With Jane Bradley

There are several apps within the Make-Up series and all focus on different areas of the face. The apps come in the form of instruction videos and are great if you are having trouble achieving a certain look. They start from £1.49 and are simple and easy to follow. The videos last for 30 minutes and are great value when you consider that you are essentially having a one to one with a celebrity makeup artist!


Sometimes our skin is not always on its best behavior; maybe it’s flaky, too oily or is allowing for one too many blemishes to make an appearance.  Don’t despair!  This app is here to answer your SOS.  By filling out a short questionnaire it determines what your skin requires and then advises you on where you can find it.

Go Try It On

This is a great iPhone app if you are prone to indecisiveness or you’re out shopping alone. It allows you to post pictures of outfits you are trying on and are considering purchasing. Just to make sure you are making the right decision you can ask your friends on the app what they think. It also makes decisions a whole lot easier if you can’t decide between two outfits and only have the budget for one.

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Megan Shedden is a app addict who writes with SpaceNK.  She is often spotted with iPhone in hand, keeping up-to-date with all the latest online beauty editorials.


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