Swipe Fighter Heroes: Unleash Your Inner Ninja and Knockout President Trump!

Swipe Fighter Heroes: Unleash Your Inner Ninja and Knockout President Trump!


Frustrated by current day US politics? We all are. The good news is that if you fancy giving the Tangerine-In-Chief a good slap about but don’t want to risk a Guantanamo suite then the new Swipe Fighter Heroes app has the perfect solution! This awesome multiplayer fighter game gives users the opportunity to practice their fighting skills without ever getting up from their couch and the new tongue-in-cheek update even lets players pit President Trump against Anderson Cooper (which we can assure you makes for a cathartic afternoon).

Swipe Fighter Heroes

After you download the free app (available for both iOS and Android users), you can choose from eight different characters to represent you (like Trump, Anderson Cooper, Vampire, Kiddo, Amazon, Ranger, Widow, and Phoenix). You also have the ability to choose whatever fighting style you want be it wrestling, MMA, boxing, karate, or gunplay. Then, select your weapon of choice – I’m a club girl myself but you can also choose from swords, an Uzi and throwing stars. Every time you win, you’ll get the opportunity to upgrade your armor and weapons too. Once you’re all armed up and ready to go, you can then pick from eight different arenas based on real-life locations to fight in.

Once you start your battles, you’ll be able go up in levels, follow all of your progress on the leaderboard, and experience the great delight of winning your fights! Plus, when you get further along in the game, you’ll be able to access even more defensive gear, like helmets, hats, bandanas, rings, and other accessories to help protect you.These kick-butt battles all take place with impressive animations and ultra-responsive touch gesture-based controls, so you’ll feel like you’re right there in the action!

There are some specific games in the app that can be purchased for a little extra cash but if you’re not interested, you can disable in-app purchases in your device settings. Plus, if you want to show off your truly amazing karate moves, you can challenge your friends to a game! There’s no better feeling than beating your friends with your expert battle skills.

So, if you can’t stand to look and Twitter anymore and you feel like you need to blow off some steam, download Swipe Fighter Heroes to unleash your inner warrior now!


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