Viva La Video Viva La Video



Was there ever a moment you wished you could share, right then and there? Sure, you could take a video of it and show it around later; but there’s something about being there, even being there vicariously through a screen, that excites us. The recent prizefight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was one of those events; no one was interested in watching the repeat the next day. Increasingly in the social media game, it’s about the now. You might be finding that despite all the rejigging of Instagram and Snapchat, photos don’t quite cut it anymore. If you’re looking to move to the next level, the developers at Infinite Takes have something to show you. It’s called and it’s out now for iOS and Android. is a live video streaming community that lets you watch or share your own live videos in real time, as well as comment on and like other people’s feeds simultaneously. You can even engage in real time discussions with your fellow viewers as you enjoy the stream together. This is not a new idea; Snapchat have already implemented a variation of it with their video additions, and there are a number of other apps promoting the same service. However, what sets a cut above the rest is the sheer quality of video you can achieve with it.

Gone are Instagram’s blocky videos and Snapchat’s grainy motion. is crystal clear high definition video, and the most amazing thing is, it’s practically lagless. This fact alone is enough to earn it major points, but combines fantastic video quality with a sleek interface and engaging community. You set up your profile ans subscribe to your friend’s streams; because videos don’t show up on the main feed once the show’s over, handy notifications will alert you to when a one of your subscribees is starting up a new video.

But, if you want to keep a certain stream as you are shooting it, the app allows you to save it to your camera roll to relive as many times as you want. Also, despite being one of the best quality streaming apps around, knows it’s not the only dog in the pound; you can share your stream to any of the big social media sites as you go. There’s also a riff on Snapchat’s ‘story’ feature, called ‘reels’; you can save a fifteen second clip of a particular stream and keep it for twenty four hours on your feed. Boasting a lot of impressive features and looking like it’s only going to get better, this is stagnant (i.e; it’s here to stay).

Start rolling on the App Store or Google Play and get today for free!


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