STK Travel Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod

STK Travel Speaker Dock for iPhone/iPod


STK Travel Speaker Dock for iPhone and iPod

If you’re after a travel speaker you mainly want to know two things.

1. Is it small and compact?
2. Does the tiny unit still pack a punch?

In answer to the above, the STK SMC150 Travel Speaker ticks both boxes with aplomb.

Despite measuring up smaller than an A5 envelope and only 2.5 inches in depth, it’s the perfectly created travel handle (formed when the unit is folded flat) that steals the show.

It might sound trivial, but in the bigger picture it does make a lot of sense – after a day at the beach would you want to put your expensive piece of kit back into your bag with all that sand? And after all, this is a Travel speaker.
Despite its small but sturdy frame, the unit still provides a high quality audio performance even with your most loud and shouty songs on your iPod. Plus, thanks to the 3.5mm jack, you can use other portable audio devices as well.

The only sticking point with the unit is that like many other travel speakers it too falls fowl from being so heavily reliant on 4xAA batteries when on the move. Still, you could do a lot worse than with the STK Travel Speakerand considering it comes with a mains charger, it would also make the perfect addition for the home. Double bubble!

Link: STK SMC150 Travel Speaker Dock 

Price: £44.57


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