How To Protect Your Android Phone From Viruses

How To Protect Your Android Phone From Viruses


Humans have evolved to become more and more reliant on technology both at work and at home. Cyber warfare poses an ever-increasing risk to our way of life that can cause huge knock on effects. Our phones are how we communicate to the world with calling, emailing, Skyping and a plethora of different social media channels. It’s also our pocket PA, keeping our calendar and schedules, personal banking information, budgets and finances. It’s not surprising then, that many people now have nightmares about losing their phones or heart palpitations when they can’t locate it within ten seconds of searching. Now more than ever before it’s important to ensure that you have the best and most up-to-date mobile protection against viruses that’s available.

There’s a lot of uncertainty out there about viruses and malware for mobile devices, however, it’s a hell of a lot more effort for hackers to break into your mobile and retrieve all of your private information for their own insidious ends then it is to simply protect yourself with the best new antivirus software and keep in mind a few simple rules:

Avoid dodgy pop up ads and offers

More often than not, the reason someone’s phone is hacked is because they carelessly went onto an unsecure site. Whether it be free getaways and gear being given away or hacks to earn $1000/hour from home – all of these sites are illegitimate and they’re trying to gain access to your personal details. If any site asks you to put in personal information like credit card numbers and passwords or asks for access to your contacts, it’s a huge red flag that you should watch out for and get out immediately.

Don’t download pirated apps

As tempting as it might be to download all of the fun new and exciting apps on the market, a hell of a lot of Android devices get infected with malware, when their users downloads ‘apps’ from these pirate stores. As soon as you start downloading there’s very little you can do to stop the virus from infecting your whole phone and hacking into all of the personal data that’s stored there.

Get the best antivirus 2017 software for your phone

Antivirus software helps to protect your mobile device by keeping your identity secure whilst browsing the web and keeping spam-callers at bay. More robust software even aids users with remote security if the phone is lost or stolen.


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