My Injury App is a Doctor in Your Pocket

My Injury App is a Doctor in Your Pocket



Whether you’re an extreme sports junkie or a couch potato, there’s no avoiding the fact that at some point in life you are going to suffer personal injury.  This could mean grazing your shoulder after a gnarly snowboard landing in the Alps or tripping over your slippers as you run to the fridge to get a half-time beer whilst watching a football match.  My Injury is a comprehensive and professional ‘iPhone app doctor’ that will allow you to ascertain what type of injury you have, how to treat it and what the typical healing time is.

ReGen Health Company has decided to launch an app that combines its suite of ‘My Back Injury’ ‘My Knee Injury’ etc. apps under one umbrella.  The app is laid out incredibly intuitively, with a list of potential areas for pain and a body diagram that points to various areas in which you could be suffering.  Once you select a body part, you are presented with another list of subcategories to choose from, depending on what symptoms you present.  After you’ve ascertained the type of injury that you have, you get another list of subcategories that read as follows:

  • Detailed Injury Image
  • Detailed Injury Description
  • Common causes of injury
  • Common signs and symptoms
  • Healing time
  • Treatment
  • Helpful tips
  • Useful products

These are all fairly self-explanatory but the really impressive part is the level of detail that each category goes into, with medical school-level language translated into text that the layman can understand.  It is in this area in which the knowledge and professionalism of the creator, a fully certified physiotherapist who has treated some of Australia’s top athletes, shines through.


There is also a whole separate section dedicated to exercises that can help your injury as well as a ‘My Program’ tab that allows you to create a favourite exercise list for your rehabilitation.

With just under 2000 pages of information relating to over 50 musculoskeletal injuries contained within the app, it really is the consummate ‘doctor in your pocket’.

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