How To Move Or Copy An SSL Certificate From One Server To...

How To Move Or Copy An SSL Certificate From One Server To Another


If you’ve already splashed out on an SSL certificate, but you want to move from one server to the next, then you may be wondering where you stand. Of course, you could purchase a brand new certificate to install when your files are transferred to the new server, or you could transfer your existing certificate to save money and ensure security consistency.

Transferring your SSL certificate on an Apache server

If you want to move your certificate from one server to another, perhaps if you’re planning to switch web hosts or are upgrading to a more powerful server, then the process is simple. It’s easy to copy a certificate to your new server and use the same private key that you were given during the creation of your SSL certificate – just locate the certificate on your Apache server, copy the files to the new server and edit your Apache configuration to use the new files on the server. If all goes well, the SSL certificate should now be active on your new site.

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Transferring your SSL certificate on a Windows server

If you’re using a Windows server, on the other hand, the process of transferring your SSL will be more challenging. First, you’ll need to export your SSL certificate from the server using a private key and any intermediate certificates that you have into a .PXF file, and then import the certificate with a private key to the new server. You can then configure your websites to use these certificates in IIS, and the process should be complete soon after. Of course, if you’re not sure how to do this, you should contact your server administrator so that you’re following the correct procedures and always have a secure website.

Move to a host with SSL certificates installed

Although it is possible to transfer your SSL certificate from one web host to another, the more sensible option is to move to a new web host where SSL certificates come as standard. The cheap web hosting services offered by PAC Web Hosting, for example, come with free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, which can be installed in a single click without the need for any technical knowledge or prior experience. What’s more, these free SSL certificates, which are offered as part of an open certificate authority to make the internet a safer place, will automatically renew at the end of their period, so you’ll never be without a secure site.

Why transfer your certificate?

The benefits of an SSL certificate are many – of course, the biggest benefit is the fact that your website is kept secure and that you prevent the chances of hacks and data leaks. On top of this, an SSL certificate can also be used to boost your search engine optimisation – Google recently confirmed that an SSL-enabled website would rank above an insecure website, so it makes sense to serve your content over HTTPS if you can!