Six Areas of Life that the Smartphone Has Transformed

Six Areas of Life that the Smartphone Has Transformed


Sometimes, it is worth looking up from your phone for just a few seconds to think about how much these pocket-sized devices have really changed our lives. Just a few years ago, texting, calling and playing snake were pretty much the three main things we did with our phones! Today it has been almost a decade since the first iPhone launched, and it is probably hard to imagine your life without one. So, let’s take a step back and think about how our lives have changed since the creation of the smartphone.



Remember the days when communicating with someone who lived abroad used to involve a ridiculously expensive phone call or even a good old fashioned letter? Nowadays, we think absolutely nothing about firing off a quick message to someone who lives on the other side of the planet…for free! Not only this, inventions like Facetime and Skype means that you can literally speak to them face to face from a device that you carry around in your pocket.


It may be a little tricky to do all your work from a smartphone, but you can certainly do an awful lot. Traditional working hours are becoming a thing of the past, as we can now email colleagues wherever they are. Not only this, we can access all our files through cloud-based storage systems – and they can even include disaster recovery using services like DRaaS. The office has now moved to wherever we choose it to be.


It really is worth stopping to think about the fact that pretty much all of us carry around a device that has access to the entire history of human knowledge. Rather than having to wait for information, we literally have all the answers in the world at our fingertips. In days gone by, knowledge would only be accessible by a few very privileged people, but now everyone is able to find out anything they want easily.


Films, television shows, music, books, podcasts and games are all available to us in one handy device. And with the increasing improvements that are being made in internet coverage and speed, we are more likely to be able to enjoy all of these things from wherever we are. Increasing storage space means that our phones are able to hold more of these entertainment platforms than ever before.


Rather than having to actually venture out into town, we can now buy every product imaginable from wherever we are in the world. From simply buying your weekly shopping to booking a holiday, everything can now be done with minimal effort.


As well as the earlier point about communication, it is now easier than ever to keep up with all our friends thanks to the various social media accounts that we have available. As well as this, the improvements in photo and video software means that we can share memories at the touch of a button.


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