Maadly: We’re All Maad Here

Maadly: We’re All Maad Here



When you think about it, social media is kind of like one big game, isn’t it? If you succeed in creating engaging content, your number of likes, followers or friends will increase. As you become more prolific, you can add further weapons to your online arsenal, until you’ve got the whole spectrum covered and are raking in thumbs up, hearts and retweets across every platform going. Maybe you’ll even level up and be awarded one of those official blue ticks that secure your status as a bonafide online force to be reckoned with. Well, a crack team of keen-eyed developers have seen the true nature of social networking and have turned this insight into their intriguing gamified social media platform Maadly, out now on iOS.

Maadly is a revolutionary social media app that doesn’t require you to have any sort of friends or followers. It works on one basic mechanic, which is communal interaction between strangers. With Maadly, you send out something called a ‘beat’, short for ‘heartbeat’. This can be a photo, video or text, as is the norm with the social networkers you’re no doubt used to. Maadly delivers this ‘beat’ completely at random to a selection of other Maadly users, who can then ‘like’ it or engage with it, granting you an in-app form of currency called ‘karma’. The more karma you have, the more people your ‘beats’ go out to. For ease, I’m going to stop putting these terms in quotation marks from now on; I’m sure you youngsters get the idea.

If you like what you see, you can reply to the beat sender in a private conversation; or, if you prefer to retain online anonymity, you can be fully invisible as a user. It’s a unique idea, and one which unites the basic tenant of all social media – that is, we’re all on it to have a little random fun – with the thrill of never knowing what you’re going to get when you receive the latest beat. The interface of the app is a classy affair, trussed up in pink and purple tones, while the set up is lightning fast. Within seconds of signing in, I was looking at rainy night in Torino, Italy, courtesy of Jimmy Fontana 31. I’ve always had a soft spot for Italy, so he got a like.

The conceit behind the app is an intriguing one. You never know what you’re going to see or who will decide to interact with your broadcasts; furthermore, you probably don’t even know which ones you’re going to engage with yourself! The fact that Maadly doesn’t require a network of friends in order to use it is a great bonus; you can get up on the horse and start riding straight away. If you’re looking for an exciting social network platform which frames it all as one big game, check out Maadly.

Beat it over to the App Store today and get engaging on Maadly today for free!


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