Leiths Cookery Quiz Spring Edition: How Well Do You Know Your Food?

Leiths Cookery Quiz Spring Edition: How Well Do You Know Your Food?


Leiths Cookery Quiz Spring Edition iPhone App Review

As much fun as eating out can be and no matter how many discounts we can get using various iPhone apps, sometimes you just want to stay in and cook; well, you can brush up on your kitchen skills by taking the Leiths Cookery Quiz.

Do you know what part of cocoa is used to make white chocolate? How about the definition of a Simnel Cake? You can learn the answers to these culinary questions and more in the cookery quiz that’s brought to you the leading London cookery school, Leiths School of Food and Wine. If you do fancy yourself as a bit of a whiz in the kitchen, or you just want to expand your foodie knowledge then this free app is right up your street.

With 45 questions to try out, you can try them again and again until you get that perfect score (which you can then publish on Twitter and Facebook), giving you a good overview of some of the more in-depth questions that are used to test Leiths students. You’ll also get free seasonal recipes taken from Leiths Cookery Bible along with a glossary of cookery terms, tips on techniques and skills that will give you the edge in the kitchen. Who needs to go out to eat?

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