Escape Boredom with the Insanely Fun Jump-AR App

Escape Boredom with the Insanely Fun Jump-AR App


Feeling bored is the worst – it can feel like time is just dragging by! If you want to make sure you never experience unpleasant ennui ever again, make sure to download the awesome, new Jump-AR app. This augmented reality game will keep your attention and give you something fun to do to stave off boredom at all times!

Jump-AR, available on iOS platforms only, is completely free to download. Just hit up the Apple App Store, and you’ll be all set to play. This interactive game allows players to use augmented reality (AR) to interact with KiKi & Friends to retrieve stolen bananas. There are different realms, characters, and competitions to explore to keep you interested as the story continues. The cutting-edge AR applications creates a learning environment with physical demonstration that gets you super involved in the story. Even if you’re unfamiliar with augmented reality applications, Jump-AR is a great place to start. Plus, once you’re an expert on how to use AR, you’ll be able to use your skills wherever you come across AR platforms in the future.

FanAppic - Jump-AR

This exciting app lets you compete to get the highest score across all other users of Jump-AR. Another great feature is the ability to connect with friends while you’re playing for a fun, competitive spin on the game. All you have to do is tap the screen to jump as high as you can – then you’ll watch the blocks stack up so KiKi & Friends can reach the top. You can even see how high you’ve stacked your blocks compared to real-world objects. To earn bananas (which act as points), you can share stuff on Facebook or watch ads – extra bananas will help you buy more skins and continue the game.

There are a few downsides to the app. Because the game is available on your iPhone or iPad, you can take Jump-AR on the go with you. However, for the best AR experience, you need to play in a well-lit area with textured surfaces. The AR engine is not able to recognize plain or shiny surfaces, so it can make playing the game a little more complicated. Also, although the app has some awesome graphics with super bright colors and animation, it can tend to look a little childish with the cartoon characters.

If you want to steer clear of boredom, download Jump-AR at the App Store and test your AR skills right away!


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