Glass Planner: Talkin’ Bout An Evolution

Glass Planner: Talkin’ Bout An Evolution



Traditional calendars and to-do lists are alarmingly static and disarmingly intimidating tools that do little but invoke anxiety in the user. They may have their uses, but I think most people would agree that, in general, they are viewed as adversaries; something to be tackled, wrestled with, bested and annihilated. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like you have an ally when it comes to managing the more mundane aspects of your life? If you feel abused by your calendars, it may be time for a change. Stylish developer Slide Rule Software have recently unveiled their new creation, Glass Planner, a sleek time-management app that incorporates your whole schedule, from minutia to life-changers, into one handy interface.

At its most basic, Glass is a calendar. But, crucially, it is a RESPONSIVE calendar. It responds to the info you give it. So you incorporate your to-do lists into your calendar, with a date to make them done-lists, and Glass can figure out what needs doing when and how urgently you should do it. It has two settings, Simple and Standard, where the latter includes features such as Tags, Timelines and Calendar notes. The interface itself has three modes, Plan, Act and Done. Plan lets you set tasks and appointments, Act kicks you into gear and tells you what needs doing and when, while Done is a setting you use to calm your mind and witness all you have accomplished.

Although it sounds complicated on paper, it’s actually disarmingly straightforward once you get the app into your hands. It’s very intuitive, largely because Glass actually aids you without irritating, which is the downfall of so. Many. Applications. The three years of hard work that Slide Rule put into designing their baby really pays off here. Glass is impressively dynamic, evolving with you, sorting and keeping track of the all the information you put into it. It’s so responsive that it soon begins to feel like it’s one step ahead of you, and I mean that in the best possible sense.

In a lot of ways, Glass mimics real life. It’s fast, fluid and discerning, not clean cut like a traditional calendar; it’s rough and ready, acting as a curious but brilliant hybrid of two disparate yet related methods of time-keeping, the calendar and to-do list. The result is a smart, beautifully designed piece of software that is one of those rare apps that could genuinely enhance your life, something which I do not say lightly. The very fact that you can keep everything in one place is a blessing, and the only questionable thing about Glass is; why didn’t someone think of it sooner?

Make Glass Planner the top of your to-do list by penciling in a date at the App Store today!


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