Four Apps That Change The Way We Cook

Four Apps That Change The Way We Cook


Cooking isn’t an old-fashioned game. Selecting, preparing and heating ingredients sounds simple enough but the technology of the world has always been very directly tied to the different devices we use in the kitchen. It should be no surprise then that the device getting the most use by savvy chefs these days is the smartphone and tablet. Here are just a few of the tools that they’re using that could change every dinner you’ll ever make.

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It’s All Part Of The Plan

Not everyone cooks solely for pleasure. Many of us cook because we have goals and eating healthily is a big part of that. A big part of eating healthily is coming up with a meal plan. Now there are meal planning apps like Pepperplate that make it all the simple to find meals that share healthy ingredients, cutting both your waistline and your budget. Healthy food no longer has to be all you think about if you want to eat healthily. There’s an app that can do the thinking for you.

Recipes Made Simple

If you really like cooking then you love exploring new recipes. Put down the cookbook and delete the recordings you’ve snatched from the Food Network. Now your recipe can be right there in front of you with minimal fuss. If you have the kind of stands shown at iThingum then you can even have it hovering at eye level as you prep your food. One of the best recipe apps is Yummly with an extensive search engine that won’t just take into account what ingredients you have on hand or want to use but can offer more detailed results based on things like healthy lifestyle choices and allergies or intolerances.

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Ask A silly Question, Get A Great Answer

Maybe you have a recipe you want to follow, but you just don’t understand the details of an instruction. For learner chefs, that’s far from an uncommon problem. But it’s not unsolvable. iCookbook is amongst the apps that are getting to the real bones of making you a better chef. Offering a voice-activated answer to any question about method and about ingredients in step-by-step detail. Beyond that, it serves as another source for recipes.

A Taste Of Inspiration

It’s another recipe app, but it’s one that has a specific feature that you will fall in love with. It’s not just because it’s based on Tinder, either. Tender is a recipe app but it’s one that combines the ease of other recipe apps, the quick gratification of Tinder and the random element of StumbleUpon. It’s a great way to find recipes you’ve never even thought of before. Or if you just fancy a bit of food porn then you can flick between pictures of different gorgeous meals and save the inspiration for when you’re in the kitchen.

A good chef knows the right tools to use and it looks like digital mobile devices are getting a firm place in the hearts of chefs and the heart of the home, the kitchen. Looking at these apps is enough to get you salivating so stop wasting time and start cooking.


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