Fat Cats: Capitalistic Cats Go’in Down!

Fat Cats: Capitalistic Cats Go’in Down!


Fat Cats iPhone App Review

Back in the day, I mean, way back in the 1600s, women weren’t allowed to talk (bear with me, a second) in the open and express their views. So they took to writing novels. This was the way they could let others know what their views were politics (almost there…). Today, books are boring… but games aren’t boring… since all they require is pushing buttons and hearing cute sounds!

And so emerge the games that encourage their users to adopt the developers’ political point of view by taking part in the action and making things happen. Thus, is how “Fat Cats” was born. The game features an “Angry Birds” style setting, but gives us more of a parody angle on people with money. After bathing us in a story of $100 dollar bills and control, the rich, bossy cats keep all the wealth for themselves.

Your mission: destroy the cats’ homes by smashing their goblets, breaking down their homes and killing the cats themselves because they’re so greedy.

The game features cool sounds, cute music and a deep, political theme that I would say makes the game worth playing, even if only to learn a new point of view. I’m banking on the assumption that the cats are symbolic for someone, unless of course the developers of “Fat Cats” are mice. Then, it would all make sense.


  • Different music sounds and setting to the game, compared to the app store.
  • Politics mixed with gaming in a fun and friendly way.
  • Tons of levels, 50x value in the game, than what you paid for it.


  • Well, if you’re the philosopher type you might find holes or gaps in the developers’ theory.

Overall, the game gets a 7/10. There are no cool moves in the game and nothing new, except of course the opinions of the developers. I don’t know how Steve Jobs would have felt about this app…



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