Fancy a Giggle? 5 Chat Apps That Will Make You Laugh

Fancy a Giggle? 5 Chat Apps That Will Make You Laugh


Fancy a Giggle 5 chat apps
Instant messaging has been around for a very long time and even predates the early days of the internet; from the mid 1960s till today, this user to user messaging system continued to evolve and ‘went mobile’ with the appearance of the first smartphone.
These five innovative apps will put a smile on your face and inject some fun into your messaging.

1. LINE –LINE - NAVER Japan Corporation

This is probably the most well-known app from all the five. Apart from free phone calls and messages, LINE was the first app to enhance the chat experience with the sticker feature. LINE offers you hundreds of fun stickers to express your feelings in an amusing and enjoyable way. Moreover, LINE offers a variety of other products and features like “timeline”, sending cards, LINE brush and LINE camera.

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2. Hoozin-Hoozin group chat - send text, animations and have fun - HOOZIN Ltd.

Amongst these five apps, Hoozin takes on a different approach and really challenges the usual linear chat conventions by trying to come as close as possible to real life group interactions. Their chat room shows the users as if they were sitting around a table while the messages pile up like cards.

This enables varied, awesome and fun features like cool interactive animations (such as smashing a friend with a tomato), group roulette, group vote, whisper secrets and much more.
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3. Cubie- Cubie Messenger - Cubie Inc.

Cubie, a new startup based in Taiwan, thought that “Draw Something” (the very well-known drawing game app) would fit perfectly into a chat app and they were absolutely right! Cubie lets you draw something and send it to your friends. This was only the beginning of this cute chat app and since then they added over 120 standard emoticons, over 20 stickers and, of course, the regular chat app features such as voice messages, video messages etc…

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4. Couple –Couple - TenthBit Inc.

When you love someone you smile all the time right? That is why Couple will make you beam. Like its name implies, Couple is meant to be a special place for you and the person you love. Couple is basically a chat app, but you can only add one friend to chat with – your partner. Couple offers some nice features that will help you feel close even when you are far away from each other.

Some of these sweet features are: you can draw cute sketches in real time together, set reminders for special dates that you celebrate together, thumb kissing, joined picture gallery and more.

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5. Jongla –Jongla – Instant Messenger - Jongla Oy

Jongla is a new instant messanger that, like LINE, offers a variety of stickers, but they manage to take it one step further by animating them (just like animated gifs).These animated stickers comes along with fast and reliable instant messaging, sending pictures, nice UI and more…

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