Ekkorr’s Endless Frontier is an idle game boasting big numbers and limitless...

Ekkorr’s Endless Frontier is an idle game boasting big numbers and limitless upgrades


Incremental games belong to a fairly young genre, and developers have let their imaginations run wild. You’ll find everything from text-based clickers to over-the-top action idlers. Endless Frontier’s USP is the novel way it introduces RPG features into the mix, making it a crossover worthy of your addiction.

Erin, the hero of our ancient story, lost the battle with the Prince of Darkness the first time round. But the guy is determined, and he vows to keep coming back from the dead until his royal heinous is vanquished. That’s where you come in, commanding the band of warriors against the waves of monsters in each stage.


There are more than a hundred warriors for you to pick from, each belonging to four different character types – elves, orcs, humans and the undead. The make-up of your team is up to you, and will change depending on how far you’ve progressed. As your band of fighter’s autoquest through stages, you can worry about spending the gold they’ve gleaned on upgrades, new units and more.

Of course it isn’t just the resources that grow incrementally – the difficulty does to. So you’ll have to revive back at the first stage regularly to build up the power of your units until they’re able to progress further.

As well as the standard arcade-style play in the main game, Ekkorr has introduced a guild system along with a PvP mode, which is pretty unusual for the idle genre. You can create and join guilds, enter co-op and adversarial arena battles and test your heroes to see whose is tougher.

There are chances to pay if you want to reduce some of the grind, but no Gacha minigames that so often leave players disappointed.

Endless Frontier will appeal to fans of idle gamers who just want a casual distraction, as well as those who love to play the stats game and make every gold coin count. You can download it for free from Google Play and the App Store.


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