Ea$y Money: Win Cash Prizes By Playing Retro Game (Sponsored)

Ea$y Money: Win Cash Prizes By Playing Retro Game (Sponsored)


Earning money by playing video games. If this isn’t every kid’s dream career for when they grew up then they obviously had issues (probably the fact that their childhood was enriched and rewarding, learning valuable life skills instead of hiding away playing Super Mario. Freaks.) Anyway, Ea$y Money allows the big kid inside us to relive playing his or her favourite retro platform games with the added bonus of winning cash prizes as you compete.

jump and run
Jump for that dolla…

The premise of the app is fairly simple; the game is in a jump-and-run format, redolent of many popular games in the 90s. Complete all 10 levels without losing your three lives by dodging obstacles, avoiding pitfalls and finishing without the timer running out and you will enter the running to win cash prizes.

Keep an eye on the timer.

By logging on to Game Centre via your iPhone, you can register your high scores; the winner with the highest overall score at the end of each month will receive an official prize of $250.


  • The gameplay itself is fairly addictive due to its simplicity and nostalgic properties but the real draw is the opportunity to win decent cash prizes.


  • Fun and easy playing format that will keep you coming back for more.
  • It’ll take you back to your youth!

Room For Improvement

  • Uh, more money?!
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  1. This app takes me back to my youth…I wish that I’d had the chance to win cash whilst I was tapping away on my SNES as a kid!