Easy Ways To Organise Your House Move Online

Easy Ways To Organise Your House Move Online


Moving house is widely known as one of the most stressful things you could do in life. It takes a lot of careful organisation, planning and lists as long as your arm to successfully arrange a move and if you’re moving a whole family to a new location rather than just a few streets away, you need to be prepared for a lot of upheaval.

Thankfully, we live in an age where everything is instant with technology. This means that at the touch of a button you can have an entire checklist for moving like this one and a number of websites and apps at your disposal. These websites are there to help you get organised, with tips about the type of storage you could have while you move, to websites like Shiply, where you can get information for a man and van if you prefer not to use a separate moving company. Lessening the stress by using the internet to help you sort your move will make life so much easier for you during your house move. So, how can you utilise your smartphone to help you move house?

Finding a home 

Before you even begin the moving process, you’re likely going to be online and looking for places to buy or rent on websites like these. So many home search websites have now got apps that are smartphone and tablet enabled so that you can search for a home wherever you have a good internet connection. You can contact agencies and email to request information about properties.

FanAppic - self-storage

Finding storage

When you’ve found the home that you want and have arranged to view, you’ll probably want storage for your things while you’re sorting and moving. Online self-storage websites can allow you to book your unit from anywhere and you can read reviews about the best ones out there with the best value for money. Most self-storage companies also offer packing packs where you can buy boxes, tape and bubble wrap in bulk ready for you to pack your house ready.

Finding moving companies

With so many companies out there that offer a full moving service from packing for you to unloading at the new house, you’re spoilt for choice with the range of apps out there for you explore your move. Most moving companies have apps for you to explore and if you are moving abroad or emigrating, these moving apps can even allow you to track your container of things so you can be prepared for its arrival.

Finding lists

Organisation comes with a territory when moving house, so utilise any of these apps to set lists, reminders and deadlines so you can organise your move anytime. Your phone lives in your pocket for the most part so you can access your planner whenever you need to.

Moving house used to be something that caused immense stress, but with all the help out there that’s available to you now, you can’t possibly get anymore stressed than you need to be!



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