DRINK. London: London Bar Guide To Your Night Out

DRINK. London: London Bar Guide To Your Night Out


DRINK London iPhone App Review

Finding a decent bar in London can be a tricky business; if you just go off passersby’s recommendations you may find yourself in a rip-off merchant cocktail bar where you’re charged £5 per peanut or else in some soulless Wetherspoons just hoping that you escape with your life.

DRINK. London promises a solution to these dilemmas as it lists 75 of the hottest and hippest bars around town; my favourite function is the ‘Nearby’ button, which lists reputable bars that are of a close proximity to where you are in the city. You can also send an email invitation to the bar to your friends as well as ring the bar directly to reserve a table (if you’re one of those sort of people…).

The app itself has a certain amount of kudos as it is written by three industry insiders; Ed Sullivan, the former Drinks Correspondent for the Evening Standard, Robbie Bargh of the Gorgeous Group, designers of bars and restaurants and Hannah Sharman-Cox who works with Diffords Guides (the ultimate cocktail manual). If you’re going to ask for advice on the finest bar in the city, it’s often best to follow the directions of professional boozehounds…

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