Deci (Not Reviewed)

Deci (Not Reviewed)


Note: We haven’t reviewed this app yet. The following description is from the Apple App Store. If you think this app is worth reviewing then please mention in the comments section at the end of this post.

Deci iPhone App Review

App Store Description:

deci is a new and innovative way to make decisions with friends. As one of the only social decision-making apps out there, deci will change the way you use your smart phone and the way you make decisions.

deci 1.0 is for you and your Facebook friends to decide together what to do and where to go. Coordinating hangouts with friends can be difficult and, let’s be honest, annoying but with deci scheduling activities can be fun and convenient.

deci is an ideal way to decide on:

  •  dinner out with friends
  •  lunch with co-workers
  •  coffee with your girlfriends
  •  happy hour with buddies
  •  a hike with your family
  •  or any custom decision you create

The possibilities are endless, deci is revolutionizing decision-making.


  1. I’ve used this a couple times since I have downloaded. If more people have it on their phones, it can really become a big time tool for group decisions. Please check it out!

  2. I’d be interested in seeing a review of this. The App Store description doesn’t really give much away as to how it works or how it can benefit you. I’m guessing for it to work, all the friends that you’re trying to arrange something with have also all got to have the app?

  3. I read the description but I don’t really understand how the voting process works. A review of this app would be pretty helpful.


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