Conquer The Planet’s Greatest Aution Houses and Sell the Most Desired Pieces...

Conquer The Planet’s Greatest Aution Houses and Sell the Most Desired Pieces of Art in Auctioneer



Have you ever watched those television programs where priceless collections of art are auctioned off, antiques are sold to the highest bidder and a nod or a wink from a bidder in the auction house scratches his or her left ear to tout and declare their bid? It’s all very fascinating stuff, and when I watched an auction for some old homes and properties going up for sale, I wondered how the hell the auctioneer keeps up with the room and all the bidders.It must be some task to start the bidding off at a price you think is a good reserve price, then scour the floor looking for the next bidder. One has to wonder how on earth the auctioneer keeps their eyes so firmly fixed on the next bidder and recognises the next big bid in the audience. Auctioneer by Cherry Pick games is an app where you can get the real feel of what it’s like to be the person with the wooden mallet that shouts, “Going, going, gone!”

In Auctioneer, you have to look at the audience and try to tap out the person who has lodged the highest bid. This in itself sounds simple; if I see for example five bids of say 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 dollars on the auction room floor – I’ll know right away the highest bid is the $50. But let’s say the bids are $3465, $3487, $3259, $3641 and $3850 – how quickly then could you pick off the highest bid?

You will get to sell numerous antiques, paintings, art collections and sell them in the biggest and best auction houses across the world. Success in one auction house unlocks new auction houses selling priceless antiquities from the floor of some of the world’s finest auction houses. And if you can find the highest bidder quickly and with your sharp eye, you are on the road to success.

The auctioneer chant is truly mesmerising and sometimes it’s like listening to a foreign language but you will soon pick up on the idea and get used to the fast pace of this brilliant new concept in gaming.

I did find the game to be a bit of a brain training exercise and one that tests the speed of your eye and calculates the highest bid among a sea of bids out there. If you ponder too slowly you will lose the commodity or antiquity you are trying to sell.