CamScanner: Scanners that Now Fit in your Pocket

CamScanner: Scanners that Now Fit in your Pocket

CamScanner  Scanners that now fit in your pocket
Scan, process, crop and email; simple as that.

Documents to send? Need to copy up your notes but no time? Want to just keep archive of useful documents on your phone?

CamScanner is brilliant and enables all of the above and more. At the outstandingly favourable price of zero you get a fully working scanner downloaded within seconds, making it possible to say… email a copy of your driving licence to a prospective employer, as I did recently.

“Why not just use the camera?” I hear you all scream. Well you do use the camera, but enhanced with some of CamScanners useful features. Anti-Shaking and intelligent scene recognition allows CamScanner to capture sharp images, and for those impressed by technological jargon CamScanner uses “enhanced image processing algorithms to help perform auto-cropping, colour and brightness adjustment.”

But practically this app is very handy. With just a quick 20-second read of the ‘how-to’ I was able to capture a high-quality picture of my licence, crop it easily using touchscreen, process the images to make it crisper and vibrant, and same again for the counterpart. Then with a quick tap, the document is instantly formatted onto one PDF file, and emailed off to where it needed to be.

No cost, no hassle, no massive scanner on my desk taking up tons of space and only getting used once in a blue moon. Of course with a real scanner you will get almost perfect copying, and unfortunately isn’t going to ever become a photocopier but for the convenience and cost you really can’t go wrong.

One thing I will say is to take a photo of a not creased piece of paper with only two hands, does require you to develop a bit of a system; probably to just ask the assistance of a friendly colleague to hold the page flat and get a crystal-clear scan.


  1. I really like this app. After first reading about it on Gnome Escape I decided to download it, and i’m not gonna lie, I think it’s pretty good and I’m to see iphoneapp cafe talk about it on their site!


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