bSafe – An app that can actually save your life!

bSafe – An app that can actually save your life!


You'll never walk alone!It’s true to say, apps have impacted on our lives in a big way! From the phenomenal games apps, educational children’s apps and convenient shopping apps available, we are forever inspired by their incredible functionality. However, an app that can actually safe your life…that’s taking app genius to a whole new level! With the added backing and first technology investment from the amazing actress and active human rights advocate Jada Pinkett Smith, this is an app that everyone should know about!

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bSafe is an incredible safety app that acts like an SOS alert whenever you may be in danger or need to get out of a sticky situation. Users have the convenience of alerting their all important selected contacts with a simple push of the ‘big red button’ featured. The app will then share your exact GPS location by sending out a text or calling your selected contacts.

A fantastic feature of this app includes the programmable trigger, which alerts your selected contacts if you have not checked in within a predefined time. This trigger will then alert them of your exact location and could potentially save your life. The app also allows your friends or relatives to follow you home, using real time GPS tracking. This is an incredible app for anyone who regularly travels alone, uses secluded areas or walkways or socialises into the early hours of the morning. This could be a particularly useful app for parents to track their teenagers, all students and vulnerable adults, although it would definitely be a handy app to own for any iPhone user.

Even if you are not in any potential danger but just wish to leave a particular place ASAP, the app can trigger a fake call, either straight away or in a selected amount of minutes, to enable you to excuse yourself from sticky or awkward situations.

The app is available for free but provides the premium option for an additional $1.99 per month. I guess you can’t put a price on your safety so this app gets our full support! The FanAppic Team would like to wish Jada Pinkett Smith and everyone at Bipper the best of luck in gaining worldwide awareness of this exceptional safety app!

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

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