AUTOsist: A Virtual Vehicle History

AUTOsist: A Virtual Vehicle History



A detective in one of my favourite films Memories of Murder (2003, South Korea, look it up) has a mantra he repeats many times during the narrative; ‘documents never lie’. Which, despite the brilliance of the film, is not entirely true; a more applicable saying would be ‘a trail of documents from corroborative sources never lie’. When it comes to cars, one of the most utilised real life applications in existence, it makes a whole lot of sense to have a paper trail backing up the word of mouth history; especially so when it comes to selling cars. Think about it; many people use cars every single day. If you were buying one, you’d want to know it’d been treated right, right? This is where a new app called AUTOsist comes in mighty handy. It’s free, it’s hassle-free, and it’s out now for iOS and Android.

AUTOsist is essentially a virtual paper trail of documents that concern your car. As in, they are about the car, not a collection of data that gives it anxiety, like NCT results or something. You snap a photo of a document like a service receipt or a fuel record, and it saves into the app, complete with a handy thumbnail and one line description. Alternatively, AUTOsist can import documents if you’re already the organised type; it accepts both electronic and paper submissions. Another cool feature is the ability to drum up a condensed document history, which is easily displayable for the more suspicious buyer, who may think you’re trying to con them with newfangled technology.

More cool features are on the horizon; you can set a reminder notification for when your vehicle is due a service or anything else motor-related and rather cleverly, you can measure this in time or mileage. There’s also the fuel tracker, which allows you to track and attach receipts for all your fill ups. Tangentially, if you were ever accused of a serious crime and needed proof to the contrary, this might be a handy asset in court. On the other hand, if you were pre-meditating a serious crime, you may want to disable this particular potentially incriminating feature.

Developer Zorrane Abdeali was inspired to create his the app after a particular buyer expressed interest in his car, but only if he had the complete recorded history of it. After sifting through mounds of receipts, some he realised he didn’t even own, he decided there had to be an easier way. For those wishing to prevent a similar crisis, or for those looking to simply bring a little more order to their lives, it’s worth checking out the effective and intuitive AUTOsist. Download ‘Memories of Murder’ too while you’re at it.

Motor on down to the App Store and Google Play to rev AUTOsist into gear today for free!


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