AutoFindr: Baby, You Can Find My Car

AutoFindr: Baby, You Can Find My Car



Picture the scene. It’ll be simple, because we’ve all been there. The hour is late. You emerge from the cinema into the dark-shrouded car park, scanning for your vehicle. The keys are ready, primed in your hand. But, alas. You are too hasty. In the dim, popcorn-fueled interim between leaving your car and returning, you have entirely forgotten where you left it. This car park, undoubtedly. But where precisely? Which level? ‘I don’t need to write that down’, you no doubt thought, ‘I’ll remember’. But you haven’t. And now you have to forage in the dark, squinting at license plates and through foggy front windows. All of this could have been avoided. And can still be avoided, by availing of AutoFindr, a brand new app which remembers the location of your car so you don’t have to, available now for iOS.

AutoFindr utilises Bluetooth to save your car location and keep it memorised in the background of your iPhone. The app also works on the Apple Watch, so you can make use of it in even sleeker circumstances, if you’re ahead of the curve in that sense. All you need to do is hook up your device via a hand free Bluetooth setup (for example, a car music player) or a USB charger/cable. Then, utilising a clever mix of Bluetooth and GPS, the app will log the location of your vehicle and keep it running on your phone or watch, allowing you to whip out the app when you need to re-locate the car.

It’s a clever little system, and the app is intuitive and basic enough that it takes only few minutes to grasp. It’s also low on battery-sapping, meaning you can keep it on in the background without fear of draining your phone’s power. It has a number of other cool features too – for one, it supports automatic tweeting so you can let everyone know when and where you’ve parked, though you don’t have to include the specific address if you don’t trust the Twitterati. You can also set up parking rules in the app, which means that if there’s a certain side of the street you have to avoid, because of say, paid parking at weekends, or street cleaning, you can easily remind yourself to do so next time you visit that certain location.

The app can also potentially integrate with business backend systems via a generic URL request whenever you have parked. So there’s more to this app than just a brief game of hide-and-seek. If you’re one of the countless people who find themselves wandering bemusedly round car parks week after week, check out AutoFindr and get yourself back on the road.

Pull up to the App Store and get your driving mitts on AutoFindr for free today!


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