Are We Live? We Certainly Are With AireLive

Are We Live? We Certainly Are With AireLive



Here’s a thought – do we actually need to pay mobile phone companies for calls and texts anymore? Certainly, that seems to be the way we’re heading. We can communicate with each other through a variety of services, some very cheap and some very free, all without ever touching an actual mobile network. Skype has got long distance calls with relatives sewn up, Whats App is a perfect supplement for the traditional text, Viber has calls covered, Facebook does social, Meerkat does live video, Periscope does live group video, Twitter does news and events. But none of them cover all the bases, which is where AireLive comes in. Taking the best features of the aforementioned social media giants, this new video communication platform hopes to take the top spot on your device. It’s out now for iOS and Android.

Before you start thinking that AireLive is a knock off, another entry in a long, seemingly endless line of communication apps, here’s some interesting statistics. AireLive took four years and $18 million to develop. No one puts that much into something if they don’t have serious faith in its capabilities. So what’s all that faith invested in? Essentially, AireLive is a one-stop shop for social media. It bundles the main features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meerkat, Periscope and WhatsApp into one, sleek looking, stream-lined package. That’s right, it literally does everything the aforementioned big boys do, and it does it all under one roof. What’s more, it’s offering us all this to us for free.



You can set up an account from scratch, or work off your existing Facebook or Google+ profile. Once you’re set up, you have your profile page and a newsfeed, much the same as Facebook, but slightly nicer looking in this reviewer’s opinion. The interface from there is intuitive to anyone who’s used a social network site before. You can start group messages, record and share live video, send videos and photos to family and friends, even start a Travel Diary to show where you’ve been. You can also FaceChat with four people simultaneously, an incredibly impressive feature that would be worth the price of admission alone. No other app can offer that kind of streamlined social interaction. No more crowding around the webcam for a group Skype session; why not just hook everyone up to relax and chat? Essentially, every feature you could ever require of a networking platform is available in one handy package.



AireLive’s success is of course dependent on how many people download it and give it a proper chance; any social networking app lives or dies on its community. But with so many options out there, having to open up countless apps to take care of the various aspects of social interaction can certainly be a drag. AireLive solves this problem in one fell swoop. You might expect some slow-down when working with all these different components, but the app runs smooth as silk. Pick it up and give it a try; you might never look back.

Log in to the App Store or Google Play to get chatting with AireLive for free today!


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