App Review: Magic Stickers Offers Kids an Interactive World of Animated Creativity

App Review: Magic Stickers Offers Kids an Interactive World of Animated Creativity


magic stickersDeveloped by lifestyle children’s brand Lazoo, the Magic Stickers app features immersive, interactive animations that will keep your kids entertained for hours. With 8 different animated backgrounds and over 50 interactive stickers to choose from, your children will have a blast piecing together their own unique scenes, while simultaneously developing their skills in both problem solving and creative thinking. And with the innovative custom sticker-maker tool, the imaginative possibilities are endless.

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Magic Stickers includes 8 unique background scenes, e.g. a city skyline and a playground. Once they pick a background, children can choose from 50+ stickers to place into the scene however they like. The stickers include cartoon characters such as animals and robots, as well as objects such as balloons and food items. This allows children to build up any number of creative scenarios, which they then bring to life. By hitting “Go”, the entire scene becomes animated, each sticker interacting with its surroundings.

magic stickers magic stickers

magic stickers magic stickers

Perhaps the most creative feature is the sticker-maker tool. This lets kids draw their own characters or objects to place into the scene, which likewise come to life in the animation. There’s no end to the creative possibilities: your children will feel like professional cartoonists, designing the most whimsical characters and scenarios they can dream up. The app also includes a free animated video from Lazoo that is sure to keep your kids inspired.

For Fun and Education:
Though they’ll be having too much fun to realize it, your kids can learn a lot from playing Magic Stickers. Designing unique scenes and custom stickers not only fosters artistic ability, it also inspires divergent thinking and problem solving skills. Creativity and perspective are developed with each unique scene that your children piece together, requiring them to think about the characters, objects and scenarios in a new light every time they play.


  • Fun, creativity and learning, all in one app
  • 8 pages of animated backgrounds and over 50 unique animated stickers
  • Sticker-maker tool lets kids create their own animated drawings
  • Includes a free cartoon video featuring other Lazoo characters


  • Lack of challenges limits the app’s age range to younger children

The Verdict:
Magic Stickers showcases award-winning artwork and interactive features that are sure to keep children occupied for hours on end. Furthermore, the app’s creative aspects will help foster kids’ problem solving skills and creativity without them even knowing it. A great app for both fun and education alike. Visit for more info or click here to download the app now.

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