A Song 2U: A Unique, Free iPhone App for Sharing Music Videos...

A Song 2U: A Unique, Free iPhone App for Sharing Music Videos with Custom Dedications


A Song 2UA Song 2U is a free iPhone app that lets you share YouTube songs and music videos with your friends and family. The application incorporates many of the popular features you find on other social networks, including a customizable user profile and a wall where you can view public videos posted by other users. A Song 2U is an essential social app for music lovers, allowing you to share your favorite songs while making them unique and special via personal dedications.

Setup and User Experience:

After downloading A Song 2U and signing up, you are redirected to the application’s main page where you can start sharing your favorite music right away. Beneath the main “Dedicate a video song” option is a link to your custom profile, which can be edited via the drop-down menu in the top left corner. Your profile features your selected name, user photo, as well as links to any song dedications you have posted in the past.

A Song 2UA Song 2UThe other option featured on the main page is a public wall, which lets you view other users’ songs and dedications. If you’d rather keep things personal, you can make your dedications private by selecting the appropriate privacy option when creating your post. While the videos will still appear on your profile, only you and the users you select will be able to see them.

Even if your friends don’t have the app, you can still share music and dedications via SMS text messaging: simply choose your video, write your custom message, then select the people you want to share it with from your contacts list. A Song 2U then automatically forwards them an SMS message featuring your video and dedication.

A Song 2UA Song 2U


  • Free from the App Store
  • The premier iPhone app for making custom music dedications to friends and family
  • Options to share your music publicly, or keep it private
  • Special section that features the latest music news


  • No option to share your posts across other social networks

In Conclusion:

If you and your friends are music aficionados, A Song 2U is a great way to share music videos while adding a personal touch. Download the application free from the App Store or visit the official website at www.asong2u.com.

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