5 Reasons Why You Need An iPod Touch

5 Reasons Why You Need An iPod Touch


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As you may have guessed from our website’s name, we love our iPhones; however, we also appreciate the need to branch out away from these delightful inventions and into the iWorld, which offer other devices that can be just as fun and useful if used correctly. The iPod Touch is a fantastic gadget that can transform the way that you listen to music, watch movies, keep up with social network and generally live your life on the web. Here are our 5 reasons why we think that you need an iPod Touch.

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1. Go PC-Free

Gone are the days of syncing your iPod up to your computer and waiting forever until your new music selection is loaded; the iPod Touch now allows over-the-air updates through Wi-Fi, which beams the purchases directly to your device. The best bit? You music and videos are all backed up in iCloud!

2.Music Is My Life…

If you are as music-mad as me then you’ll appreciate the iPod Touch’s capacity for tunes; with apps like Last.fm, Spotify and Internet Radio Box giving you the ability to stream tunes, they’ll never be a silent moment in your life. Plus, if you treat yourself to an iPod docking station, you can bring the party straight to your front door!

3. Just Browsing…

The iPod Touch actually has the same Safari internet browser as the iPhone 4S, which includesthe new Reader function that gets rid of ads so that you can focus on the words and pictures. I actually prefer using the iPod Touch to browse the web than on any other smartphone.

4. It’s So Much Cheaper Than An iPhone 4S!

Money must be funny in a rich man’s world, but for the rest of us being broke is no joke; you can pick up an iPod Touch at Argos for as little as £154.99 which shrinks in comparison with a standard iPhone 4S mode clocking in at £499.99. Plus, it’s thinner…

5. Got The iMessage Yet?

Sure, BlackBerry Messenger can send instant messages with cute emoticons, but guess what? The iPod Touch can too! Send texts, pictures, links and videos to any iOS 5 devices without the costly bill at the end of the month. (Plus, once again, it’s thinner…)