The 5 Best Sites for Help with Essay Writing

The 5 Best Sites for Help with Essay Writing


Getting an essay assignment can be a hugely overwhelming ordeal for a lot of students. If you’re not a strong writer (or if you just don’t care too much for it), getting through the first stages of essay writing can be a bit tortuous. Luckily, there are several websites that can help you organize your ideas and craft a well-written paper. Read on for our picks for the top five best sites to help you write an A+ essay!


If you’re sure you just won’t be able to write that essay on your own, head to Their team of writers can help you complete a well-rounded essay on a variety of topics (including literature, history, psychology, religion, etc.). They can also assist no matter what style of essay you need – so if it’s an expository essay that’s getting you down or a persuasive one, can help.

Essay Writing2. Coggle

Want to be able to more clearly understand your essay topic? Use Coggle to create mind maps out of your notes. This tool allows you to produce notes in a visual way that can really help with comprehension. The best part of Coggle is that you can share your mind maps with your classmates, which ends up creating a collaborative environment that’s ideal for exploring ideas and concepts.


Evernote is another great note-taking site. You can either get started on the website or download the app. It allows you to get totally organized – either with specific tasks you need to complete with the essay or with notes you’ve taken about the topic. You can even use a tool to search your handwritten notes. Evernote can be a huge help in getting your thoughts organized in a clear-cut way.

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Feel like your writing could use a little something extra? EditMinion is a great option for people who are strong writers, but want to improve their skills even more. Just copy your text into a box on the site, and they’ll give you some editing suggestions (like if you’re using different tenses, cliches, or other grammar errors). These tips can really help you learn how to step up your writing game.


Just need basic motivation to get that essay done? The silly and fun WriteOrDie site lets you set goals for yourself and then either get rewards for achieving them or punishments if you don’t. In ‘normal’ mode, there’s an unpleasant sound until you start typing again. In ‘kamikaze’ mode, if you stop writing for too long, words begin to erase themselves! So, you’ll have plenty of drive to get that assignment done!

Don’t get discouraged the next time you get an essay assignment. Just hit up sites like or for awesome assistance!


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