10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids on a Schedule

10 of the Best iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids on a Schedule


PartTimeNanny.orgKeeping on top of schedules for kids’ tasks and chores is no easy feat, especially in today’s fast-paced world. As a busy parent, you need tools that you can rely on to help you keep your family – especially the kids – on schedule. The technology does exist, and thankfully there are expert app developers who are constantly coming up with new ways to bring you the organizational tools that you need. These 10 iPhone apps will put your smartphone to work for you, and will make the job of keeping your kids on schedule that much easier.

  • Cozi – One of the most useful features of Cozi is the ability to sync family organizers across multiple devices. Parents can create family calendars, which are viewable as individual or family schedules. The to-do list feature allows parents to organize chores, homework and much more, ensuring that kids always know what they need to be doing and when. The app is free from the iTunes store.
  • Chore Hero – Add and customize chores to help organize your child’s daily tasks with this $2.99 app from Chore Hero. You can create individual profiles for each member of your family, making it easy to stay on top of things. Chore Hero also allows parents to allocate chores to more than one child, allowing for cooperative efforts. Perhaps best of all, the app has a random chore assignment feature, which means you don’t have to take the blame for giving any of your children the worst chores.
  • MobileLife® Family Organizer – Send texts or emails from your family calendar, letting your kids know that it’s time for them to do their chores. This feature is particularly useful for parents, as kids love to communicate via text. Mobile Life Family Organizer saves calendars, to-do lists and shopping lists to a central account, which you can make accessible to the entire family. .
  • Family Organizer – Create repeat events, maintain to-do lists and share messages with your kids, all with this free iPhone app. All events, lists and calendars are available offline, both on your handset and on any computer with access to your account. Family Organizer also allows parents to activate alerts, which will help keep everyone in the family on track.
  • Remember the Milk – Set up repeat reminders, create smart lists and organize your kids in a way that suits your family best with this free app. All tasks and notes can be synced for backup, so you don’t lose any of your important lists. You can receive reminders via email, text or instant messenger.
  • Astrid – Astrid uses Cloud sync, via their own website, to back up all data and lists. Parents can create tasks and to-do lists using voice recognition and share tasks through email, Facebook and Twitter. Tasks can also be added and amended via email, meaning you can update your children’s chores on the go.
  • Schedule Planner – Color-code tasks, create categorized tasks and arrange multiple options for lists with this free app from Intersog. Schedule Planner is particularly useful for busy families, as the easy-to-use interface and time-focused functionality allows for quick, specific list building on the go.
  • Student Life Organizer – School can get stressful for students of all ages, so having an organizer that meets the high demands of an academic schedule is essential. Enter Student Life Organizer, a free app available for the iPhone through the App Store. Organize class and course schedules, as well as any work or home life commitments to create a daily task manager for young students.
  • Mom’s Daily Planner – Color code tasks by order of priority on multiple levels. Mom’s Daily Planner provides a hub to organize tasks by due date, overdue and pending. The app is free; however, there are a number of intuitive repeating options that make organizing kid’s tasks and chores a breeze. All lists and items are sorted into easy to manage folders, and parents can mark off chores as they are completed.
  • PocketLife Calendar – With this free app, you can set your calendars as your wallpaper, giving you an instant overview of your children’s tasks and chores. Create smart weeks by changing when the week starts so that you can manage incentives and rewards for tasks and chores. PocketLife Calendar is a simple, easy-to-use app that’s also able to display and sync all your calendars to a Cloud service for ease of access and sharing. Events are customizable and data can be shared via Bluetooth and email.

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