10 Most Incredible iPhone Pranks Ever

10 Most Incredible iPhone Pranks Ever


The best pranks are the simple ones. Or so we used to think, until we discovered the amazing capabilities of the iPhone. Here are 10 amazing apps to let you trick and fool your friends.

10. iPhone Trick, WebApp

Without even requiring a download, this one achieves some pretty amazing effects – assuming you want to break your friends’ hearts by appearing to destroy their iPhone. All you have to do is follow the above web link, then watch as the menu icons fall off, disappear, blur and become cloudy before the screen appears to develop a crack. Ouch! Apple themselves won’t allow apps to replicate this function, as messing with the menu might confuse users (shocker!), meaning that this is the best you’re going to get in this vein – but at no cost, it’s a nifty way of doing things!

9. iGun Pro, $0.99

Love guns? Love the iPhone? Then the iGun is for you. This app can simulate over 20 different firearms, including a Glock, an Uzi and an AK-47, recreating the smoke, recoil and flash produced by the actual firing of a weapon. While using the iGun to defend yourself, or to rob a bank, will likely result in the prank being pulled on you (not to be recommended), it should do wonders to terrify your more easily frightened friends. Remember – being prepared is half the battle.

8. Ghost Prank Pro, $0.99

If you want to make your friends uncomfortable, then a good way to start is to superimpose some creepy ghosts onto your party pictures. One peaky looking lady glaring across the screen and a few handprints should put the willies up anyone.

7. Prankboard: Mr. Rogers, $0.99

Ah, prank phone calls, the original act of juvenile misanthropy. Well, an oldie is a goodie, and with this app’s special ‘Prank Call’ function you can deliver lines from Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood direct to your unwitting contacts.

6. iBeer, $0.99

For your latest party trick you shall be partaking of the booze direct from your iPhone, or so it shall appear by simply tilting your iPhone so that the water level on the screen appears to drop. You can even pour iBeer from one iPhone to another, emptying one glass while you fill another. While champagne, cola and coffee are all now available, you could always upgrade to the iBeerKeg for iPad. So that’s why they made it bigger…

5. iFart $0.99

You know what’s very funny? Farting. Even funnier? Making it look like other people are farting. Naturally, this is the raison d’etre of the iFart, an app that comes with 30 different recorded fart noises that can be released on command, timed or sent to other users’ handsets. See below for the deployment of the iFart at a Medina, Ohio council meeting. Hilarity ensues.

4. Fake Calls, $0.99

The Fake Calls app might just be the most useful pranking app of all – want to get out of an awkward meeting or conversation? Have the Fake Calls app buzz you a line, allowing you to tactfully withdraw while you spend time with your iPhone and no one at the other end. The device will authentically ring and vibrate, posting pictures and text of your choice – so you just might have to take a ‘call’ from Steve Jobs!

3. Fear 2, Free

A mainstay of pranking is simply to scare the bejeezus out of your companions. And what better way is there than to have a shrieking face suddenly appear out of the blue, screaming at them? Fear 2 appears to be an normal web browser but after a set interlude, the app will take over, switching the display to a demonic face and issuing a noise as loud as the iPhone can make. The makers do not accept any responsibility for dropped iPhones!

2. iBug, $2.99

Eek, there’s a bug crawling around in your phone! Not really – but there is an app that will make you think there is, and if there’s one thing that’s sure to drive you over the edge, it’s the thought that your little darling has become infested! You can choose to have either Seymour the ladybug or Audrey the cockroach roaming around your menus and photographs – which might make you feel distinctly uncomfortable, even if you put them there!

1. The Ultimate X-Ray, $0.99

As we all know, the iPhone has some pretty astonishing capabilities. One that not a lot of people know about is that it doubles up as an x-ray scanner – or maybe not. Rather than doing a Marie Curie and rapidly giving everyone cancer, this app actually just superimposes an x-ray image onto your hand. However, it does do a surprisingly good job of it (as can be seen below). Astonishingly convincing, we say!


  1. from the moment i clicked on this article to the moment i finished reading it, i was enjoying myself. the more pranks, the merrier! >:] Gracias, iPhoneAppCafe!!!


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