10 Apps For Winning on The Stock Market

10 Apps For Winning on The Stock Market


10 Apps For Winning on The Stock Market

If you are seeking to boost your income as a stock trader you will require the latest technology that gives you access to your portfolio, the latest market news and the ability to do those all important trades, whether you are on your mobile or your computer.

Here are ten useful apps to make your trading life substantially easier.

Bloomerg iPhone App Review

1. Bloomberg Mobile – Bloomberg - Bloomberg Finance LP

Available on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Nokia, Android tablets and Android Smartphones, this app from the most renowned provider of financial information will allow you to instantly access market data plus business and financial news. This app is great for visual learners as it presents market analysis in easily digestible charts and graphs.

9. Wall Street – Zecco Mobile - Zecco

Powered by Zecco,this desktop app is the first and only of its kind: allowing you to trade whilst on Facebook. As well as allowing you to view market information and trade stocks, you can “like” stocks, post comments and recommend them to friends. Making online trading more socially interactive, this app is perfect for those who dislike the solitary nature of online trading.

8. TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader – TD Ameritrade Mobile Trader - TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC

Designed specifically for mobile phones, this app provides you with market news and the ability to trade. If you want to test new strategies without the risk of heavy losses, it provides a papermoney feature: a dummy account where you trade stocks without investing real money.

7. E Trade Mobile Pro – E*TRADE Mobile Pro - E*TRADE Securities

Available on the iPhone and Android smartphones, this facilitates the most complex trading in a simple manner. The market news and data comes direct from CNBC and is designed to be displayed on mobile screens, saving the hassle of squinted eyes. You can also download educational videos to constantly improve your trading techniques.

6. iSwim – thinkorswim Mobile - TD Ameritrade Mobile, LLC

This mobile app comes with a variety of features including: trading across multiple asset classes, charts of industry trends and tracking and modification of working orders.

5. Stock Ticker Picker – Stock TickerPicker - MF Software

Designed for the iPhone, this app is straightforward to navigate. Unlike some apps the refresh button is clearly visible and easily accessible so market information can be updated efficiently. The intuitive design, fast loading nature and option to view charts in landscape rather than portrait makes the mobile trading process much smoother.

4. Plus500 – Plus500 - Plus500UK Ltd

Available on desktop and iPhone, this app allows you to open an account and start trading. It also provides free, unlimited demo trading ,so those new to trading can develop their strategies and knowledge before risking their money.

3. Chaikin Power Tools – Chaikin Power Tools - Chaikin Stock Research, LLC

Exclusive to the iPhone, this free app comes with a colour code simplifying the trading process. Green bars represent bullish stock and red is bearish. Real time updates of market data come through swiftly. Additionally, full reports of up to 5,000 stocks can be downloaded.`

2. Stock Guru

This app comes from Value Prime, an independent research firm. You can allow them to pick stocks for you to invest in, making things easier for new investors looking to build up their experience. However, there are no real time quotes with this app.

1. Stock Watch

Available on the iPhone and iPad, it allows you to create a watch list of all the stocks you want to keep track of. Simply tap a stock and all the relevant information will appear. You can then buy or sell accordingly.

With plenty of apps aiding the trading process, the stock market now lies at your fingertips making the world your oyster.

About the Author: Jon Devine is truly ‘app mad’ and currently works in online marketing for Ladbrokes


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