How much do you value your privacy? In this day and age, it can be a precious commodity. We’re linked in to so many different sites online, it can be tough to know which ones to trust. The recent celebrity hack of 2014 made it obvious that we can’t fully trust our iClouds either; so what can we do to protect our privacy? Well, the obvious answer is become a secret agent. But that’s crazy, isn’t it, and far too much effort. Well, perhaps the next best thing is downloading yourself Pryvate Now, an encryption and messaging app that guarantees you privacy and military-grade end to end encryption. In addition to sounding effortlessly cool, it’s free and out now for iOS.



Personal Security and Safety With Planet 911

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Safety and security is paramount in the times that we live in. We sometimes get really nervous if we have to walk home by ourselves after a late night. If you have teenage children you know they love going to parties and coming home late isn’t really an issue for them. You on the other hand lay in your bed worrying until you hear the keys in the door and a little head pop in your bedroom and say, ‘dad I’m home’. There is an app to somewhat relieve the worrying. It’s call Planet 911[More…]


Do you ever think your nails are a bit bland? Even when they’re perfectly painted, don’t you find the one colour a little dull? Why have one colour when you can have five or six? While you’re at it, why not paint every nail a different pattern? I know, I know, be logical. That takes too much time, too much effort. And what if you get it wrong? Nail polish is such a hassle to get off. If only there was some kind of way to test your designs before you applied them in real life. Well, as ever, the App Store is your friend. Princess Kim’s Nail Salon is here to help you test out some of your most outlandish creations, and it’s out now on Google Play and iOS.



Everyone knows that money is vital and keeping track of your finances is very important. We have to admit that borrowing is a part of life and probably 100% of people do it. Whether it’s credit cards, loans, mortgages, etc we all have some kind of borrowing. We need to keep a monitor on our finances that’s why I want to introduce WalletHub.

WalletHub doesn’t only monitor your finances, it also provides you a full credit report and score 100% free. Daily reports means that you can keep on to of things if they happen to get out of hand. [More…]


The Essential Guide To Gadgets For Students

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College can be a stressful time, whether you’re starting off as a fresh-faced neophyte or returning for the final year and facing down the business end of those dreaded Final Exams (capitalised for effect). There’s a number of ways you can help yourself through the intense emotional swings of college/university, be it constant imbibing of black coffee, or the constant imbibing of alcohol (any colour will do). But while these might have a detrimental effect on your education, there are some cool gadgets you can avail of which will do the opposite. Here’s a rundown of the coolest/most useful tools you can pick up as a student, whatever your trade.