When running your own business, things can easily get out of control, especially in the beginning when you’re the one pulling all the ropes. A missed meeting with a client, a lost receipt or a miscommunication issue with your team – all these can have a negative impact on your business’ well-being and growth. Luckily for you, with just a bit of planning, you can keep everything under control. Here are five apps that are helping small to medium-sized business management. [More…]


Here is an app which works on the new Apple Watch; and we will bet you haven’t heard on many apps which can do that – yet. The app Camera Plus will provide instant photo capture, video recording, a countdown timer (for taking those wonderful selfie snaps) and much more besides. [More…]


Sync.ME is an app that will brighten up your address book and make your friends envious every time one of your contacts rings you up. Its redeeming feature is the ability to link all of your contacts on your iPhone to each of their individual Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + accounts.

From the image your contact has posted on their social media profile, the app takes that image and displays it on your phone every time they call you. Furthermore, the caller’s image will fill up your entire screen, so you can see right away who calls you. [More…]


Top 10 Gaming App Providers

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Now that we’re all glued to our mobile devices, there’s no better way to kill some time than to check out the latest great gaming apps on offer.

But where to begin with such an amazing amount of games and providers available? Here are ten of the best tried-and-tested gaming app providers for some of the highly popular genres. [More…]


Ever wondered what your iPhone says about you? No, not your iPhone’s model, although unless you’re on a 6, prepare to be shunned by the fanbois next time you check the time down at Starbucks… I mean you’re iPhone, or, more specifically, your apps. Well, entrepreneur and developer Chris Maddern has come up with a Hack-A-Day project that does exactly that. Let’s take My App Profile for a spin. [More…]