GTArcade has officially launched League of Angels – Fire Raiders, the mobile version of the 2014 Facebook MMORPG, on iOS and Android.

League of Angels – Fire Raiders still tasks you with collecting customizable heroes and angels to combat evil beings in a variety of different PvE and PvP modes (cross-server arena battles, team dungeons, and mini games) but this time, right from your mobile or tablet. [More…]



Regardless of the fast growth of social media and other online tools, 79% of consumers still prefer to contact a customer service representative over the phone (Nuance, 2013). I’ve been there before and, probably, so have you. Think about it. When you have an issue with an important online transaction, would you rather fill in a form, send an email, chat online or call customer service? [More…]


#Bendgate2 or Bend it like Samsung

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Some things drive marketing men and women round the bend. For the hard working folks at Samsung, mention of bends is liable to do just that right now. After making fun of the iPhone 6 Plus for the way it behaved under physical duress, the poor folk at Samsung have found themselves embroiled in the sort of slanging match that is the very antithesis of a polished, well-orchestrated marketing campaign. [More…]


The iFile Browser is simply an application to handle just about every and any file you may have on your iOS devices: whether these files are present on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone, the iFile Browser can edit, view, compress, de-compress and do any kind of manipulation you wish it to.

The iFile Browser gives users with iOS devices an opportunity to easily edit, access and organize files stored on any of the devices you have. You can even access storage accounts which are remote from your iOS devices, and it does not matter which file type you are hoping to manage, the iFile Browser can handle it. [More…]


EZ PZ RPG: Passive Aggressive Gaming At Its Finest

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I’ve found RPGs to have the same qualities as the proverbial Marmite. You love ‘em or you hate ‘em (on that subject, over my 34 years I’ve found that the majority’s response to Marmite is actually almost fanatical indifference. I count myself amongst them). Some people can get truly absorbed in the quest to save the princess or whichever terror is currently striking at the heart of the imagined land, whereas other recoil in horror at the amount of time it takes to actually progress in most games. RPGs you see, revolve around the core concept of ‘levelling up'; taken to extremes, the killing of foes with the sole intention of raising your character’s level is known as ‘grinding’. And it can take a hell of a long time. R2 Games attempt to combat this ‘grinding’ fatigue with their new offering EZ PZ RPG, out now for iOS and Android.