Elfishki™ and The Giant Cake: Cut Me A Slice Of That!

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Elfishki™ and The Giant Cake iPad App Review

This iPad book app is full of life, vibrant colors, and characters little girls will love.


  • Age appropriate for around 7 years of age.
  • Just enough to keep the attention of those suffering with a.d.d.
  • Fairies!
  • Interaction!
  • Book that feels like a game.
  • Learning with a story.
  • Questions to help them learn.


  • Some of the pages have just too many words, it becomes a bit distracting on the eyes.

Summary: The 7yr. old in my house gave it two thumbs up! The fairies were a big hit. I enjoyed the fact that it had the feel of a game which made the learning experience fun. The interactive questions helped to make her relearn what she had read, making sure she retained the knowledge. It’s a great product that will hold any fairy or dessert lovers attention and teach them in the process.

Elfishki™ Land and the Giant Cake (English + Russian) - kidsiphoneapps.net
Developer:: kidsiphoneapps.net
Released: May 29, 2012
Price: $0.99
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snail vs monsters
posted on 06 June 2012

maybe my little sister would like it

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