5 Good Apps For Dementia Sufferers

5 Good Apps For Dementia Sufferers


5 Good Apps For Dementia Sufferers

Apple has revolutionized our lives with many of its products mainly being the iPhone and iPad. From chefs to pilots, even to the marines, people are using their iPads and iPhones to make their lives just a little bit, or a lot, better. When it comes to dementia, it seems as if the iPad is made for people who suffer from it, especially considering the easy user interface and huge 9.7-inch screen. Here are the tried and tested top five apps that can help those suffering from dementia.

5. Labyrinth 2 HD ($7.99) Labyrinth 2 HD - Illusion Labs

An important aspect to those suffering dementia is to try to keep the brain active. In doing this, you can potentially slow down the disease’s symptoms. Featured in the Top 10 Apps That Will Work best on iPad 3, Labyrinth 2 HD is a great game to exercise the brain. From extremely easy levels to complicated levels with holes, cannons and more, Labyrinth offers a wide range of mazes making it an enjoyable experience for those with dementia.

4. Logos Quiz (Free) Logos Quiz Game - AticoD

Another way to slow down dementia and increase brain activity is through making the brain remember and recall things. This is why the Logos Quiz game is perfect. With over 500 brands to remember and recall, the Logos Quiz game will certainly prove challenge as well as bringing joy to the individual when they recall a logo correctly.

3. Draw Free (Free) Draw Free for iPad - David Porter Apps LLC

With this app taking advantage of the 9.7 inch screen on the iPad, Draw Free makes it easy for the individual to let their mind free and draw whatever comes into their head. It is a great app to encourage internal creativity, which is why it has come in at number three. Sometimes, the best apps for those suffering dementia are some of the simplest of apps.

2. iFish Pond ($2.99) iFish Pond HD - TriggerWave LLC

iFish Pond creates a beautiful pond to look at in the palm of your hands. With the option to choose what creatures lurk in the waters to the bottom of the pond itself, you can customize the pond to your desire. This is great for people with dementia for the fact that it is peaceful and relaxing. As well as this, the added bonus of interacting with the app by touching the screen (making ripples in the water) brings the natural beauty of the pond to life. This app is a must have.

1. YouTube (Pre-installed)

This may comes as a surprise to people that the best app for people suffering dementia is YouTube. But, if you think about what YouTube has to offer, it will make total sense. People with dementia rely heavily on interaction be it person to person or through touching things (like on iFish Pond). YouTube has million of videos to watch giving the individual endless possibilities to watch whatever they want. The friendly UI of the YouTube app makes using it a breeze for anyone too.

I hope you can see that if you have somebody that suffers dementia, the iPad can help exercise their brain and bring added joy into their lives. It’s not the complicated ‘stock exchange’ apps that are best for people with dementia; they’re more likely to benefit from simpler games such as Doodle Jump. The best apps for those suffering dementia are the simple apps, which replicate moments in time or encourage creativity.



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