Top 10 Online Casino Apps

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With the myriad of online casino apps now available, those new to mobile gambling can find it a daunting prospect to select the best apps. In this article we have looked at many mobile casinos and have selected our top ten – all 10 apps are available for download here.

The Top 10

  1. Intercasino
  2. 888 Casino
  3. Vegas Paradise
  4. Jackpot City
  5. Party Casino
  6. Gaming Club
  7. William Hill
  8. Bet365
  9. Lucky Nugget
  10. Royal Vegas



Walking War Robots Flies The Flag For Smartphone MMOs

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Since time immemorial, mankind has enjoyed smacking the crap out of itself with giant machines. Be it for war or entertainment, blowing things up just seems to be a part of our nature. In the entertainment sector, the Japanese undoubtedly lead the charge with a plethora of mech-based franchises such as Gundam Wing and the classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. Following in that popular vein, game developer Pixonic brings us Walking War Robots, a massively multiplayer online game for iOS which places you in the cockpit of one of those familiar, fearsome, gun-toting war machines. [More...]


I’ve never much cared for the rain. I know this is hardly an original line of thought, but I fear my particular aversion was bred into me. My mother and uncle have an almost allergic reaction to the stuff, with many a family walk being fraught with tension as ominous grey clouds gathered in the skies above. However, as much as my lineage and I despise the rain, all it can inflict upon us is dampness. Not so for the unfortunate hero of Ninja Rain, the new little time passing game for iOS and Android. If he gets hit by even a single drop of rain, he is literally severed in half and killed. And unfortunately for him, he seems to spend his days caught right underneath a sheet of it. [More...]


Indiana Jones and the Mountain of Marbles

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There’s been a couple of duff entries into the Indiana Jones film series, not least of all 2008’s catastrophic alien outing. Aside from occasional alarming nonsense such as surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge, the films have long been considered the cinematic peak of excitement, delight and childhood nostalgia. Channelling all the best parts of the classic Indie escapade, the team at game developer studio Lightning Rock have delivered their own take on the thrills and spills adventure genre in the form of Marble Mountain, a new 3D platformer for iOS. This time though, instead of the whip-cracking Dr. Jones, our protagonist is none other than a child’s marble. [More...]


Sygic GPS Navigation: World’s Most Installed Offline Navigation App

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“You have exceeded the speed limit by sixty six kilometres per hour“, a calm British voice proudly announced to my train carriage. As I scrambled for the volume, a concerning thought crossed my mind; what if the app was actually referring to the train’s speed? We were going pretty fast. What if the driver had snapped and planned to plough us into Dublin station in a blaze of twisted metal? What if he’d fallen unconscious on the accelerator? Was I (finally) going to have to become Denzel Washington in Unstoppable? As it turned out, no (or not yet). But one criticism you certainly cannot level at Sygic’s freshly updated GPS Navigational app for iOS is that it’s not safety conscious. So, an impressive start. [More...]