The iPad has become a fundamental device in the business environment. CEOs use it, managers use it, and even employees need such a device to work faster and render much better results. The key to increasing productivity with an iPad lies in the apps that are readily available in the App Store. Some of these apps are free of charge, while others come with a price. Regardless, companies should definitely check them out in order to create a smoother work environment and boost the bottom line of their companies. Here are several iPad apps for the office every business individual should use. [More…]


Snail Games’ action RPG, Taichi Panda, has officially left soft launch and is now available in most regions on iOS and Android along with its first expansion.

The Teumessian Update features Taichi Panda’s first ever ranged combatant, Teumessa, the fox mage, who casts powerful spells from afar.

However, if you’re satisfied with your existing character, you’ll be pleased to learn that the level cap has been raised and a new location added, the city of Atlantis, where three new story chapters await higher levelled players. [More…]


Taichi Panda is a hack and slash game, known to many of its fans as Dungeon Crawler, which has already got more than 10 million Chinese gameplay fans hooked. The general idea is to grow your character so that it becomes strong and in a position to position to restore the balance of the cosmos.

Let us look inside the game and open up some of the hot features Taichi Panda can offer. It is without doubt a stunning fantasy adventure. You will encounter all kinds of creatures like goblins, bandits and big panda bears, all of whom are set within an illustrious world of stunning graphics and breath-taking three dimensional environments. [More…]


SelfMe: Get A Hold Of Your Selfie

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Do you have trouble managing your selfies? Are you one of those types who can’t resist firing one off every time you leave the house, regardless of activity? Maybe you keep them for self-preservation, maybe you aim to share every single one of those bad-boys via social media, opinion be damned, or maybe you’re trying to set a new record in the ‘photo-a-day’ stakes and make one of those flashy composite videos where we can all watch your face grow older. Regardless of your reasons, if you take a lot of selfies, one might reasonably assume you’d want to keep track of them. If you’re having trouble keeping up with your mugshots, then check out SelfMe, a brand new app out now for iOS.



iRig Mic HD: Particularly Versatile Handheld Digital Microphone

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For anyone who’s ever tried to record a demo just using an iPhone (so anyone who plays guitar born in the last 30 years), you’ll know that using voice memos just doesn’t cut it. Luckily for all you aspiring Bob Dylans out there, IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic HD allows you to record high quality vocals, direct to your iDevice. Maestro, please… [More…]