Twin Gates 2 Will Put Your Stress Levels To The Limit

Twin Gates 2 Will Put Your Stress Levels To The Limit


In my high school, all students were expected to complete the ‘beep test’ during physical education. For those not in the know, the beep test is a multi-stage fitness test that measures a person’s maximum VO2 level (oxygen uptake). It’s a highly strenuous test and many students (especially the non-sporty types (e.g. me)) found it to be an incredibly stressful experience. Some of the more athletic students however, absolutely loved the high-intensity rush of getting through yet another gruelling round on their way to the beep test’s holy grail, ‘Level 23’. For me, the idea of a good time involved finding a shady tree to sit under, having a snooze and maybe some biscuits (I’m a softy for a decent gingernut). However, adverse as I was to physical stress I did enjoy the mental stress of reflex games like the highly-addictive, Twin Gates 2 by Thousand Games, K.K.

Twin Gates 2 is an incredibly challenging, fast-paced and addictive reflex game that consists of four game modes in which black and white balls move quickly towards a square ‘gate’. The gamer must make sure that the gate is the same colour as the ball that’s hurtling towards it by tapping the screen to alternate the gate’s colour. The game’s premise and graphics are incredibly simple, but it’s the speed of the balls that makes the game so infuriatingly difficult to master and all the more addictive for it.

FanAppic - Twin Gates 2

The different game modes range from: duet in which there are two gates to navigate, quartet which involves four gates, variable that mixes things up and challenge that will move you up a level after getting a certain amount of balls through the gate.

The app is free to download from the App Store and Google play, but you’ll need to put up with timed advertorials unless you pay the additional $1.99 to go ad-free. However, if you do choose to sit through 30 seconds of ad material then you will be rewarded with up to 40 coins that can be spent, unlocking different ball shapes and wallpapers which add a little variety and fun to the otherwise very-basic interface.

So if you want to flex your stressometer, then hurry over to the App Store or Google Play to download Twin Gates 2 today!


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