Top 10 antivirus software and apps for 2017

Top 10 antivirus software and apps for 2017


Unless you install security software on your iOS or Windows device, you are exposed to malware, DDoS attacks, viruses and ransomware. The best approach is to choose a competent antivirus program; whether free or paid. The best software helps detect, prevent, remote, and disarm malicious malware programs from your device. Perform regular updates, and keep your data safe with these 10 antivirus software for 2017.


The latest version of Bitdefender – Antivirus Plus 2017 – is an all-in-one antivirus program that combines excellent protection with lots of extra features to make sure your smart devices are safe and sound. Bitdefender wipes malicious software and prevents future infestation with Trojan horses and harmful viruses. Some of its core features are: secure browsing for financial transactions, password manager, active ransomware protection, and secure file shredder.

McaFee Antivirus Plus

The Antivirus Plus Package from McAfee doesn’t just provide firewall protection. It packs lots of extra security features, and it permits unlimited installations on Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS devices. McaFee’s plus package is much like a behaviour-centric antivirus machine with the capacity to block malicious URLs and sneaky malware.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

SecureAnywhere is very practical, easy-to-use antivirus software from Webroot. Some of its core features include always-on data security, identity protection meant to stop ransomware attempts, real time anti-phishing blocks, fast scanning, and firewall & network connection monitoring. The basic version costs about $20 per year. For even better protection of your data, choose the Internet Security Complete package to keep all your smart devices protected.

Norton Antivirus

Symantec’s standalone antivirus, Norton Security, is a software program every business should have. It might be pricier than most similar programs on the market, but it protects up to 10 smart devices for the price of $89.99/ year. Furthermore, it includes 25GB of online backup that companies can use. The suite has full-scale assistance, claiming that your devices will always be up to date. 

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Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky has been around for more than 20 years. The advanced internet security suite protects your smart devices from malware, spyware, viruses and a lot more. Designed to increase a user’s PC/laptop performance, Kaspersky makes securing your device effortless.

Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Pro is an excellent antivirus that appeals to many people because it’s free. There’s a paid option too once you’re convinced that it is what you need for business or personal use. Those that choose to upgrade to the pro version will get DNS protection and a wi-fi scanner that let users know if their network is infected; in extreme circumstances you can craft bootable environment using a password manager.

Trend Micro Antivirus+

Out of all antivirus software programs available on the market, Trend Micro is one of the most affordable. For as little as $20/year users get fast scanning features, and an almost perfect shield against harmful malware and spyware. Trend Micro keeps your devices protected, blocking dangerous websites and keeping your devices up to date.

Amiti Antivirus

Compatible with most versions of Windows, Amiti Antivirus is free software that includes 4 different types of scans. It is extremely easy to use and practical. Options and setting are perfectly organized for non-tech individuals who want to protect their devices from harmful malware and viruses that slow down the performance of the PCs.

AVG Antivirus Free

AVG’s free antivirus version is still one of the best on the market. It packs all kinds of software tools, including an antispyware tool that protects your email and scanner. Users have scheduled scanning options as well as the ability to set up automatic updates. There’s a premium version as well, in case you want even more protection.

ESET Internet Security

As soon as you’ve completed the initial installation, ESET scans your device speeding up subsequent scans. The software included vital protection for banking and internet e-commerce; it also scans your network building a diagram that shows all active devices. In case you notice someone that you don’t know, your Wi-Fi network has an intruder. ESET looks for router vulnerabilities, ensuring peace of mind and guaranteeing users that their devices are safe.

Making sure all your smart devices are protected is fundamental these days. Rather than risk an attack and lose your data, it’s better to check the best online reviews, and settle on the antivirus that best matches with your budget and personal demands.


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