Three great apps for April Fools’ Day!

Three great apps for April Fools’ Day!


Dude, Your Car!

1. Dude, Your Car!

This is a fantastic app for tricking anyone into thinking that his or her car has been damaged in some way. Photo’s can be altered to resemble damages, scratches and dents, as well as wheel clamping, smoke and fire. These can then be shared via email and Facebook. This is a great prank or revenge app for April Fools’ Day!

Updated: 17 March 2012
Developer: Alexander Attarian
Price: $0.99

Unnecessary Censorship

2. Unnecessary Censorship

Users can make fun and entertaining video clips of their family, friends, managers, teachers and even their pets by adding bleeps and censors to make it look like they have done or said something completely inappropriate! Users can make the bleeps last for long or short, sharp periods of time, which adds creative prankster effects to any video. Very cruel but very entertaining!

Released: 21 March 2012
Developer: Darren Murtha Design
Price: Free

Scared With Friends

3. Scared With Friends

Target your friends and family or anyone that you wish to prank by getting them to follow the on screen instructions from the app itself. Once they are transfixed on the screen…BAM! Their scared and surprised reaction is captured immediately on video and can be quickly shared on Facebook to further humiliate them! Audio recording is also available capturing any inappropriate words used during the prank.

Updated: 27 March 2012
Developer: Unlimitated LLC
Price: $0.99

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