The B.E.A.T.: What. The. Ffff…

The B.E.A.T.: What. The. Ffff…

The BEAT iPhone App Review
Not another one

Gather around all you I-have-a-great-idea-for-a-music-based-app-even-though-I-have-no-musical-knowledge type people.
Yes you sir over there, the one that attempted to make a sound board of instruments to help people ‘create their own music’ but failed to realise random string instruments playing random notes in random scales don’t exactly sound pleasing on the ear. Oh, and you over there, the one who made a ‘drumming’ rhythm game where the pads didn’t light up in time with the actual beat. Yes, all you charming people listen up, there’s a new music app in town that’s even more pointless, and it’s called The B.E.A.T.

The game’s description on iTunes states that ‘Using custom audio processing, The B.E.A.T. adapts uniquely to the rhythm, tempo and beat of a chosen song.’ No it doesn’t (unless Arctic Monkeys are just too free form for the app to figure out), all it does is play your song in the background whilst randomly flashing different, ever-increasing columns that are supposed to represent bars. You have to tap the bars when they are lit up to stop them reaching the top of the screen, and that’s all there is to this game.


  •  Very simple game
  •  You can choose music from your own library


  •  It’s advertised as a game where you play to the beat. You don’t, it’s simply quick reaction game and that is how it should be advertised.
  •  It’s boring



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