Snap2pdf: Capture PDFs straight from your iPhone camera

Snap2pdf: Capture PDFs straight from your iPhone camera


Snap2pdf iPhone App Review

Remember flat bed scanners? You probably don’t need too, because your iPhone 4 (definitely a 4S) probably has considerably higher resolution than your average scanner. Snap2PDF caught on to this fact and decided to make your iPhone, a scanner. A great idea and the App is pretty well implemented.

Open the app, take a picture of the document you’d like to ‘scan’ and the app will turn it in to a PDF. This is great in concept, but unfortunately, getting a great, shadow-free picture of a document with the light behind the device, from above is quite difficult. This makes it useful only in a subset of occasions when a regular scanner would be of use but for scanning receipts, documents for yourself etc.. it seems very useful.

There is a feature which could redeem its usefulness in the ‘professional document to be seen by others’ category, but it’s use isn’t entirely trivial. Snap2PDF will optionally perform text recognition on the document and make text in the document selectable. It won’t create you a text version of the document – you’ll need to open it on a computer and copy and paste the text out, but being able to record documents on your phone and get the text off of the page is a fantastic benefit when it works, although Evernote seemed to do a better job of the actual recognition so if you’re already an evernote pro users, that may be worth considering.

In short, if you want to make image PDFs of documents, or anything else, this is a great way to go. If you just want to pull the text out of an image, or store the image, then there are other options available that are free. Files are available via the iTunes files interface and the operation of the App can’t be faulted, even if a tad confusing at times.

Need to scan documents to PDF but don’t necessarily need pro-quality imaging…. Get Snap2pdf!



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