Snap Happy And Stay Streamlined With Screenshot++

Snap Happy And Stay Streamlined With Screenshot++


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I have an absolutely awful time with accidental screenshots. I usually don’t realise they’ve occurred until at least twenty-four hours after the fact; though it’s not unknown for me to happen across one months after its creation. The worst is when you take a shot of the inside of your pocket or something similar; nothing but an unforgiving black screen, which makes you think either a) your camera’s broken or b) there’s some sort of ghost snapping pictures while you sleep. Or maybe that second one’s just me. The point is, these snapcidents are a regular occurrence, the confusion compounded by the fact that they fall in line with the rest of your regular photos. Well, if you’re looking for a tool to streamline your snapshots, here’s the perfect app for you. It’s called Screenshot++ and it’s out now for iOS.

What I’m going to ungrammatically call ‘snapshoting’ is a fairly regular way of storing and accessing information these days. Everything from plane reservations to the photos we use in these reviews are saved via the handy iPhone mechanism of pressing the power button and home button simultaneously. But, as we all know, there’s only one photo gallery, and that gets clogged up with anything and everything we care to save! Forward-thinking developers Dyson have solved this dilemma with Screenshot++. It rather cleverly acts as a separate storage space for you screenshots exclusively.

The app consists of two main sections; the first is a basic overview of the all the snaps stored in your main photo library; this includes screenshots taken from every medium, whether it be Safari, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. You can manage the snaps here too, while also having the option of sending them on to the second section of Screenshot++; the private storage. This removes them from your main photo library (handy for all those little snaps and screens you’d prefer to keep private), and it’s here that the app finds a little edge over its nearest competitors. It allows you to tag screenshots with a name of your choice, and also syncs them with iCloud for further mass storage.

There are a few screenshot savers out there, but none that have this level of control over individual snaps. The privacy function also takes a bit of heat off; how many times have you writhed while someone’s flicked through your photo library, wondering which incriminating snapshot you might have left out in the open? If you find your photo library cluttered and too hard to navigate, especially when it comes to important or sensitive stuff, you’ll want to get your hands on this cool aggregator, which succeeds at making your visual virtual social life a whole lot simpler.

Head to the App Store to snap up Screenshot++ today!


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