Sleep: 70% Discount On Great Sleeping Cycle App (Sponsored)

Sleep: 70% Discount On Great Sleeping Cycle App (Sponsored)


Sleep iPhone App Review

Anyone who’s ever had any trouble nodding off will know that a restless night’s sleep can be torture, not to mention the trouble that it can cause for you the next morning; Sleep by MotionX aims to make sleepless nights a thing of the past with their new iPhone app that will analyze your sleeping patterns and all sorts of other elements to help you organise your life around getting the rest that you need.

Sleep iPhone App Review
Sleep Analytics

The app took seven years of research and development in the biomechanics of natural human motion and sleep optimization to create, as it measures and correlates resting heart rate, includes advanced sleep cycle monitoring with smart alarms and power naps, and incorporates ‘Get Active’ alerts. Basically, you can place your iPhone either in your bed or in an armband and the app will accurately monitor your sleep and wake you up at the best time for you; by determining how long you’ve been in certain sleep cycles, it will ascertain when you’ve had enough deep sleep and give you a gentle alarm to help you wake up.

Sleep iPhone App Review
Oh, I do love me a good powernap…

The app actually utilises the iPhone’s camera in order to detect your pulse from your fingertip and correlates this with your sleep quality; it also monitors your real-time pulse waveform to give you accurate data on how you are sleeping. As a bit of a catnapper, I really like the feature in which you can set smart alarms for optimal length power-naps that will give you the best amount of time in order to recharge your personal batteries.

You can chill out and drift off to the sound of white noise or your favourite music as you can sync your iPod function to the alarm; alternatively, wake up to artificial nature sounds such as birdsong.


This app isn’t just for insomniacs; we could all use a little (or a lot) of optimisation when it comes to getting the best sleep for our bodies. It has a fun and easily navigable interface and it really can help you to sleep sound…well worth the money, I reckon.


  • The sounds of the alarms are a refreshing change to the standard, “BBBZZZ BBBZZZ BBBZZZ” of an alarm clock.
  • Being able to take your pulse on your iPhone is ridiculously cool.
  • The app is currently selling at a 70% discount, only $2.99 for a limited time.

Room For Improvement

If I could just get that dream of Mila Kunis to play in my head every night, I’d never want the app to wake me up…

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