Paramon Clash: Evolution channels the spirit of classic Pokemon on mobile

Paramon Clash: Evolution channels the spirit of classic Pokemon on mobile


Take the blueprint of the classic Pokemon series, add a dash of cutting-edge mobile tech, and sprinkle in an addictive free to play mechanic. Congratulations: you’ve just made Paramon Clash: Evolution.

This mobile-exclusive multiplayer RPG from Fangcun Interactive sets you loose in a massive fantasy world and lets you hunt, collect, evolve, and battle the game’s menagerie of adorable monsters.

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These battles take the form of turn-based RPG duels with real players in real time, and they’re highly satisfying, streamlined affairs. You can unleash a variety of spells, strikes, and special moves with a few taps and swipes.

Paramon Clash: Evolution has some seriously solid multiplayer, with co-op play and live voice chat to let you discuss tactics and trade insults with your friends.

But battling is just one part of the game. You’ll spend the rest of your time in the vast wilderness hunting, solving puzzles, finding biscuits and potions for your Paramon, and exploring forests, deserts, caves, and more.

Paramon Clash: Evolution is a beautifully polished game, with super-sharp graphics, customisable outfits, and adorable monsters. And it’s totally free, unless you decide to drop a few bucks on IAPs to make life easier.
You can download Paramon Clash: Evolution for right now. So what are you waiting for? [App Store / Google Play]