Muze: Music Mania! (Includes 9 Free Giveaway Codes below)

Muze: Music Mania! (Includes 9 Free Giveaway Codes below)


Muze iPhone App Review

Pros: This Muze app combines your music downloads with all music from your ITunes music library quickly and easily. This feature then allows users to mix up their favourite playlists. The app has a great layout and is presented very effectively. Users also have the option to edit music information and artwork, making the app personal and customised to their liking. A great feature of this app allows users to input songs from their Dropbox, making it simple to transfer music. Users can also share their music on Facebook by adding text and creative artwork to express their musical opinions on each song being shared. This app also works well when your device is on a docking station, as the gesture control makes it easy to play, pause or go to the previous or next song. It also works with a docking station remote control. Overall, Muze is a great app for sharing music, mixing up playlists and transferring music via Dropbox.

Cons: Users may be reluctant to pay for an app that is similar to the original music player already contained on their device. Fortunately, we are offering 9 giveaway promo codes to our readers so get in quick before their gone!

Giveaway Codes:

  • YLXRXP6H36L4
  • 9939TARK7JNP


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  1. Hi Bryan, you need to copy and paste one of the codes into the redeem section of the app store. If a code has already been redeemed, please try another one. Good luck!