Take Stock And Learn The Tricks Of Trade With Little Traders 2

Take Stock And Learn The Tricks Of Trade With Little Traders 2


The mysterious world of the stock market with it’s ever undulating stock prices is a very tempting mistress to some, however, with the last few financial crashes resulting in lost pensions and an increased demand for food banks a lot of people are feeling less inclined to gamble away their savings. The creators of the Little Traders 2 app aim to change people’s perception of the stock market as a dangerous and confusing place by giving them a realistic experience of the stock market but without the risk of real money.

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The game is set in 1920s Manhattan on Wall street and you start in the dingy basement of a NYC high-rise, attracting Mrs Muller, who’s recently lost her husband and is looking to make some cash for her children and pension. You’re given $100 of Mrs Muller’s money and one day to double it by making sage investments on the stock market. If you do well, Mrs Muller will thank you profusely and go and spoil her children, if you fail then you’ll feel her full wrath with insults such as; “You’re less useful than my dead husband”… Ouch.

On days you do well, you earn money that can be spent on furnishing offices and purchasing new employees. Every employee will need a desk and a chair plus any other idiosyncrasies that the character demands. Your first employee Mr. Bert simply requires a table and chair, however, Frank Foodie (who specialises in food and beverage stocks on the third floor) will only work if he can have a fruit bowl and a coffee table for said fruit bowl. The update that gamers can expect with Little Traders 2 is that they are now able to verse friend in trade battles, improving their profile ranking and earning coins along the way.

The soundtrack is a soft jazz, plonking double-bass line and the graphics of the game are incredible simple but more charming because of it and all of the characters you meet along the way have an entertaining and humorous backstory.

As you progress through the game, you’ll be offered to participate in trading courses that will earn you coins, these courses are real, free and run by tradimo.com in an effort to teach the public more about trading and the stock market.

Little Traders 2 is free to download from the App Store and better yet, it comes with no in-app purchases or advertorials. It’s fun to play even if you’ve no idea about stocks and almost worryingly addictive. This game’s great for anyone looking to learn a bit more about the industry but it’s also fun to play as a stand alone game for people wanting to kill some time.

Start building your empire by downloading Little Traders 2 from the App Store and start stocking up on knowledge today!